American Idol, Week 7: Idol Gives Back

If I wanted to be cynical I could probably find a lot to complain about or make fun of in last night’s “Idol Gives Back” episode. But I don’t want to be cynical right now. I’ll just be glad that some people in need will be helped and I’ll be thankful for the people giving the help.

I actually intended to vote for the first time last night to help make sure that the 50 million vote total was reached, but I forgot. I hope they reach the goal anyways. Did anyone vote for the first time because of the promised $0.50 donation?

I probably would have remembered to vote if someone had blown me away with their performance. But nobody did. Overall it was a good enough show, I think. I don’t love “inspirational” music, or whatever they called it, and I hate some of it (“Imagine”) for reasons that are not appropriate to discuss in the sanctuary of fun that is Kulturblog, but the contestants were into it and the performances were solid.

I’ve felt the same way as Randy and Simon, that the competition is really starting now. All of the people who really needed to go (Haley, Sanjaya, those other two guys whose names I don’t remember) have gone. Everyone who’s left is at least decent most of the time. At this point the only people remaining who I don’t think have a shot at winning are Phil and Chris. Lakisha is sucking it up lately, but she could resurge if she survives this week, which she might not.

I don’t have much to say about specific performances. The weakest was definitely Lakisha, I think. Phil and Blake were competent but boring. Melinda was super professional and boring. Jordin kind of stood out with her impassioned performance, but the music was boring. I probably liked Chris the best, but he didn’t do anything amazing.

Up ’til now I’ve kind of been seeing Jordin as a Diana DeGarmo type, but better: a peppy, spunky teen with talent beyond her years. But now I’m kind of seeing her as more of a DeGarmo/McPhee hybrid: a good looking, polished performer who’s been groomed for this her whole life, who is also young and spunky. She doesn’t have the stunning Hollywood good looks of McPhee and she doesn’t have or use sex appeal like McPhee did (thankfully, since she’s just a kid), but the polish is definitely there.


8 thoughts on “American Idol, Week 7: Idol Gives Back

  1. I was trying not to be cynical too. But the whole thing was so weird and hokey.

    I did think about voting but got distracted and didn’t. I would’ve voted for Melinda and Phil—I never liked Phil until last night. I’d like him to stick around just to see if I can actually like him next time too.

    Jordin’s performance irritated me. I get distracted by the sound of her breathing in. And those notes she hit just bugged me for some reason.

    I thought Blake and Chris were the worst last night.

    Melinda really is a pro. It’s ridiculous she’s even on the show.

  2. I didn’t watch.

    I have weak eyes already, and I feared excessive rolling might damage them further.

  3. Last night was terribly lame. I’m so glad I DVR’ed it because I couldn’t sit through all of that PLUS commercials. I sincerely hope they raise lots of money but I couldn’t sit through the super-cheesy, calculated emotional manipulation. Plus, the dumb, “NOBODY’S GETTING BOOTED!” thing was pretty lame too.

    FWIW, I think Chris and LaKisha are gone next week. Them and Phil are the dead weight right now. It’s really a contest between Blake, Melinda and Jordin (and I think Jordin will win, she’s the most “American Idolish” of any of them).

  4. At first I thought that the votes from last night wouldn’t count and I actually thought that was the most sensible solution because the voting results could easily be skewed by the additional incentive to vote. Any other week, the only thing that motivates people to vote for a person is enthusiasm and affection for that contestant. The contestants that engender the most enthusiasm and affection get the most votes. This time, there was additional motivation to vote: money for the poor. The question is this: are the people who voted because of the extra incentive more likely on average than the people who would have voted anyways to favor a particular contestant? I don’t know who, if anyone, might benefit from this unique situation, but there definitely is potential for skewing.

  5. Yeah, they’re going to add this week’s and next week’s votes together and the bottom two will go home.

  6. When you say super cheesy calculated emotional manipulation, Rusty, are you talking about the songs or the real life footage? Some of that African footage was brutal. I’m so ready to adopt 15 orphans now.

    (I just watched the first half of the show during lunch. My lifelong dream of seeing Josh Groban on Americal Idol is at last acheived. I can die happy.)

  7. I watched a few parts of Wednesday night’s show and it seemed to be going back and forth between two modes that did not work at all together.

    One second there’d be some goofy celebrity acting like an idiot and the next moment we’d be asked to follow Seacrest and Simon as they played a role in deadly-serious let’s-look-at-the-African-orphans scenes.

    I’m glad the show wants to promote charity. They just need to do a better job of approaching the whole thing in a cohesive and organized manner.

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