American Idol Week 6

It’s getting to the point where some good singers might start going home. One bad song choice can do you in. I fear for Lakisha tonight. Her “Jesus, Take the Wheel” was the worst last night. She probably has enough momentum and good will built up that she’ll survive, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see her in the bottom three.

Actually, Sanjaya was worse than Lakisha, but there’s no use critiquing the kid’s singing. He’s getting votes because he appeals to people in other ways. And then there are the saboteurs. I’ve been wondering, though, how much of Sanjaya’s continued presence on the show really is due to the votes of the Howard Stern and Vote for the Worst types? I think the extra attention has raised his profile enough that it causes sincere people to be more likely to vote for him, but I would be surprised if the actual votes from the cynical contingent have made enough difference that we can entirely blame Sanjaya on them.

Not that I’m complaining too much. It’s good TV. Simon might actually lose it. He was certainly testy last night with Secrest.

Chris was the other bad one last night. He’s been teetering on the edge since week one. This week he falls off. Going in I thought it was Phil’s time to go, but he may have gotten enough love from the judges to keep him going. His performance was unremarkable but good enough.

Jordin was impressive. I still see her as the frontrunner. She’s not the pro that Melinda (zzzzzzz) is but the distance between them is not that big and she has her beat in several non-singing aspects. And she has amazing teeth.

Blake was smart to choose a pop song that was sung by a Country singer, but didn’t have any Country feel to it. His performance was pretty close to the original Ryan Adams version. I couldn’t imagine him pulling off something like what Phil sang. I get the feeling that Blake would be a ton of fun if he were unconstrained by theme. He does well for himself within the imposed constraints, but more than any of the others it feels like the constraints are holding him back.


8 thoughts on “American Idol Week 6

  1. Here’s a pre-Idol performance by Blake if you’re interested in seeing him unconstrained.

    I still think it will come down to he and Jordin.

  2. I thought Blake was the worst last night. But I’m a huge Ryan Adams fan and it was a bit like hearing someone trying to do a Whitney Houston song for me.

    The problem with Jordin for me is that I’m still aware it’s a contest when she sings. Not so with Melinda, and occasionally LaKisha.

    Did you see Simon roll his eyes when Chris mentioned Virginia Tech? I’m sure he was still reacting to Chris saying he does the nasally thing on purpose, but it was funny to see him trying to make up for it later by also mentioning the tragedy.

  3. Wow. Sanjaya’s done. I was beginning to lose hope that this might someday come.

    I’m surprised that Chris wasn’t in the bottom three.

  4. Chris was saved by misinterpretation and bad timing.

    Was it my imagination or did Sanjaya sing “Let’s give them something to talk about other than hair” ?

  5. re “hair”- That’s what I thought I heard as well! I can’t remember the real lyrics though.

  6. I’ve maintained for the last few weeks that Sanjaya is brilliant. A smart send-off in my opinion (or flip-off depending on how you look at it).

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