You were asking about podcasts?

A friend asked me for suggestions on podcasts. “Why,” I thought, “this sounds like a good idea for a post.”

Here are the ones that I currently listen to. They speak more about my individual tastes than anything else. daily podcast
This American Life
NPR Story of the Day
NPR’s All Songs Considered
The Sound of Young America
Battlestar Galactica Podcast
Lost Podcast
The Ricky Gervais Show (listen to the archives if you can)

Anything I’m missing? Secular ones only, please — I know there are plenty of wonderful podcasts out there about your favorite faith-based initiatives.


17 thoughts on “You were asking about podcasts?

  1. SG,
    You actually got me listening to All Songs Considered. Thanks for that. A couple more that I like:
    – This American Life
    – The Roadhouse (an hour of blues)
    – NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me
    – KCRW’s Good Food (a food show out of LA)
    – Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child (kid’s music, done by a law professor in Mass.)
    – NPR: Food

    And, even though you said secular only:

    – NPR: Religion (it’s a summary of their religious stories from the last week.) I don’t think this technically violates your request, because it’s not advocating a religion or preaching from within one. It’s generally interesting, too. (Like last week I learned that the United Methodist Convention of DC/Baltimore had hired a Rabbi.)

  2. fiction:
    escape pod, how to succeed in evil

    writers almanac, books, radio 360, TAL, Sports with Frank Deford

    Words and Books:
    word nerds, grammar girl, NYT book review

    French pod class, David Allen company podcast, instapundit, eric d snider, the economist

  3. Here’s my list

    -Tales from Lake Woebegone (Prarie Home
    -StrongBad Emails(hilarious, video only)
    -BBC Documentary
    -BBC In Our Time
    -All in the Mind (Australian)
    -Indiefeed-Alternative channel
    -Indiefeed-Pop channel
    -NPR, all mine have been mentioned
    -PRIs the World song of the day
    -PRIs Michael Feldman’s All the news that isn’t
    -New England Journal of Medicine summary(okay,
    prof interest and pretty dry, but on my list

  4. I miss Penn Julliet’s radio show which was available as a podcast. Fantastic show I listened to on my iPod all the time.

    Beyond that it’s Twit, the Lost Podcast, sometimes The Glenn and Helen show (of Instapundit fame), the New Scientist Podcast, Science Friday from NPR, occasionally Engadget, the Nature Podcast, and the Scientific American podcast.

    I have to admit that since Christmas I’ve not listened to as much as I used to.

  5. Twit – a tech news podcast

    Comic Geek Speak – comic books, comic movies, geek stuff

    Onion Radio News – 20 second satirical news clips from The Onion

    Filmspotting – Movie reviews and interviews

    KCRW’s The TReatment – interviews with actors and movie directors

    KCRW’s Left, Right and Center- Political stuff without the yucky Rush/Bill O’Reilly/Al Franken pettyness.

    ChinesePod – Mandarin Chinese lessons

    MacCast – Apple news and rumors

    Barack Obama – Monthly updates on what bills he’s trying to pass

  6. KPCC’s The Loh Life with Sandra Tsing Loh: funny
    ESPN’s PTI with Kornheiser and Wilbon: also funny
    Wallstrip: because Lindsay Campbell is so cute
    Amanda Congdon on ABC News: ditto
    New York Times Book Review
    Geek Brief TV: because Cali Lewis is so cute
    PRI’s Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen
    Garrison Keillor’s The Writer’s Almanac
    TV Squad Daily with Brigette Dale
    Brit Hume’s Grapevine from Fox News
    Derb Radio on National Review Online: John Derbyshire is hilarious
    MPR: New Classical Tracks with Julie Amacher
    Onion News Network (video): just started up

  7. I’m a huge film buff, so when I got into podcasts I downloaded every movie podcast I could find. Very few made it past me listening to one or two episodes, but Filmspotting (previously Cinacast) is one I listen too as soon as it’s available. Smart commentary, different segments that are actually making a point, good music. It’s really one of the most professional podcasts I’ve heard.

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