American Idol, Week 5

Whose brilliant idea was it to do a Latin week? Talk about a snoozefest. And J-Lo? After her extremely terrible Grammy performance with Marc Antony a couple years ago, that woman shouldn’t be allowed within fifty yards of aspiring singers.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Latin music. But it doesn’t work for American Idol. Latin music, at least the kind that was mostly on display last night, is about groove and beat and moving your body. It’s party music. It’s not really about singing.

Sanjaya actually made a good choice of song. That kind of Latin music is about singing. And he also executed it competently. I’m afraid we’re not going to be rid of him for a long time.

It’s hard to say who did the best last night. It was all very samey. Most of them were competent. Like I said, Latin party music is no good for American Idol.

Please let Haley be done. It’s getting embarassing. I hate that Simon draws attention to her use of sex appeal, but I guess she invites it by not being a good singer and by wearing those tiny shorts.


11 thoughts on “American Idol, Week 5

  1. I guessed four or five of the songs the contesants would pick even before I knew what they were singing. So obvious and boring choices.

    People (critics, etc) are worried this Sanjaya thing might actually be Idol “jumping the shark.”

  2. If he wins or gets to the final, I would probably agree. But if he goes within the next three or four weeks, I don’t think it will hurt them too much. The Idol juggernaut has a lot of momentum right now, what with the Grammy and Oscar wins, lead roles on Broadway, and hit records.

  3. Sucky people have always held on for weeks – Nikki McKibbin went out at #3 the first season, going farther than favorite to win Tamayra Grey. Every season has a Sanjaya. I don’t know why people are up in arms this season…

    Everyone but Blake sucked last night. However, Latin week ALWAYS sucks, so it was to be expected.

    And I second the whole Please Haley be gone.

    Bottom 3? Let’s revise last weeks prediction: Phil, Haley & Lakisha. Haley gone.

  4. I don’t think any of them have been this bad though.

    People often compare him to John Stevens who wasn’t really all that bad–he could sing. Kevin Covais could too, more than Sanjaya at least.

  5. I thought that Ryan and Simon cavorting with children in Africa was when American Idol jumped the shark.

    Latin was a horrible choice.

    But I loved how they asked J Lo for help with their dancing. I think she’s sung live, what, like twice in her life?

  6. I don’t know. I remember clearly wincing while watching John Stevens (though he was likable & I just felt bad for him) and Covais & Scott Savol. I didn’t think any of them (aside from John Stevens) could really sing. I would say Sanjaya seems to suck more just because of the attention and his non-likability. Not that I spend any brain power on this show….(I need a life!)

  7. The only successful Latin night performance I’ve ever heard was Diana Degarmo (spelling?) a couple years ago when Gloria Estefan was the theme. She did well on that one because, like you guys said, she got to dancing and moving more than singing. Hey, are we inadvertently ripping on Latinos here???

  8. Yeah — last night pretty much sucked. None of these singers were really cut out to hit a home run with this style.

    I don’t get the “Sanjaya can’t sing” meme. It just ain’t true. The kid sings in tune and has a pleasant enough little voice. His problem is not that he can’t sing but rather that he has a tiny little high tenor voice that doesn’t really work in this competition. He would likely be the best singer in most any high school show choir in the country but he is just way out of his league as singer in the top 12 of American Idol. But AI is a popularity contest and he has tapped into that unusual and powerful niche of being the person everyone pays attention to so I gotta hand it to him for milking that. The thing that will get him voted off the fastest is if he stops doing the kamikaze performances (like his spazzy Kinks song) and starts consistently giving middle of the pack performances like last night.

  9. This show will jump the shark when they start picking the competitors for actual talent, rather than backstory or stereotype or commercial potential.

    But then it would probably be boring as hell.


    And that would be different how? says the snarky little voice in my head.

    Did anyone else amuse themselves by making mouth puppets with their hands (I’m Jennifer Lopez, biatch!) anytime she was onscreen? Just me? Ok, then…

  10. And the contestants obviously raided the whitest white man on the planet’s record collection for their song picks.

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