American Idol Week 4

—I’m going to write as I watch this week. Change of pace.

—Tony Bennett night? This could be boring.

—Blake with “Mack the Knife?” This is such a great tune that you almost can’t help but sound good. Blake’s delivery was still a little too cool, but at the end he showed some real “pizzazz,” as Paula says, for the first time. It’s a welcome burst of energy from Blake.

—Bennett’s right that Phil is a really good singer. He just doesn’t have it, though.

Phil’s trying to channel Bennett. He would be a good lounge singer.

Paula doesn’t know that you shouldn’t compare an Idol contestant to Sinatra.

—Bennett of Melinda: “She’s great.” I’ve been waiting for that. Great, great, great, great, great, great.

Melinda looks better than she ever has. Something about her hair makes her look less oompa-loompa-ish than ever.

Ho hum. Another great performance.

—Chris isn’t so good in the middle-to-low range. His voice doesn’t fit the style, either. And he doesn’t have enough power to stand up to the band.

Randy and Paula think it’s his best performance. Simon calls it “believable.” Meh.

—Bennett of Jordin: she sang “very much in tune, which is rare these days.” High praise, indeed.

Jordin was good.

I love that Simon’s snickering as Paula calls Jordin a “magnet of joy.”

Simon’s right that it wasn’t too special. I still think she’s a frontrunner because of what the space case Paula perceived, but of course couldn’t express without fumbling and bumbling: that Jordin is radiant and peppy, in a way that’s just short of too annoying.

—Gina as Snow White. With a tongue piercing. I don’t know if I like the sweet, smiley, deep red lipstick Gina. I’m bored by her performance, for sure. Competent.

—Bennett to Sanjaya: “I’m a big fan of yours.” Surely he means that he’s a fan in the same way that the Vote for the Worst crowd are “fans”? Bennett of Sanjaya: “He’s got a sense of humor.” Let’s hope so.

I dig the slick look. He only sucks a little bit this week.

Simon’s desperate to send Sanjaya home: “Let’s try a different tactic this week. Incredible.” I love it! I don’t think that Sanjaya got that he was being sarcastic.

—Haley’s dress could have been cut from window curtains in the Von Trapp house.

I wonder how well the crowd response correlates with vote total. Haley, Phil, and Chris got pretty lukewarm crowd responses, as I recall.

—Lakisha is one of the few Idol contestants ever to sound good in the lower register.

—It wasn’t a boring episode. But it was nothing special. Bennett was a boring “mentor.”

I won’t be surprised if any of these five end up in the bottom three: Phil, Haley, Chris, Gina, Sanjaya. I think it’s gotta be Phil or Haley who goes. Though it was serviceable, I don’t think Phil’s performance is one that will induce many people to vote for him.


17 thoughts on “American Idol Week 4

  1. I tried a new strategy tonight – watch the last five minutes and base my judgments on the highlight reel that airs just before the phone lines open. I figure it keeps me about as informed as I want to be, and then I can watch House. Based on my new system, I still thought Melinda and Lakisha were the best, but, on the whole, most were better than last week.

  2. Where to start this week? I’m so bored by Melinda. Whatever: same this week as last week and next week. I’m too bored to even say shes good anymore!

    Haley’s performance was so cringe worthy and laughable. She’s gone tonight. It’s time.

    Phil. Whatever. He should ALWAYS wear a hat.

    Sanjaya looked like Victor/Victoria or a little boy dressing up for Halloween. He sucks on such an amazing level it’s ridiculous.

    Blake was good. Gina was doing something weird with her tongue stud. Chris R. still annoyed and I think my hubby hit it on the head. He reminds us of K Fed. Not a good thing…

    Who am I missing? LaKisha. I’m beginning to be bugged by her.

    Bottom 3: Haley, Phil & LaKisha to keep it interesting. Haley FINALLY taking her wanna be pole dancing ways away…

  3. I think the same thing everytime Melinda sings: what is she doing in this stupid contest? She’s so far above everyone else it’s laughable. Only LaKisha can touch her.

    My husband was pointing out that most singers do at least one thing wrong. Either they get breathy when they sing quietly, or they get nasally on the high notes, or something. But Melinda doesn’t do anything wrong.

    Jordin was good but did you notice how you could hear her breathing in? She needs to do something about that, it was starting to bug me.

    Who decides who the guests are going to be and what the themes are? Tony Bennett and all these old songs seemed like a weird choice. But then I thought about Gwen Stefani last week…

  4. I actually like that they had Stefani on last week. She’s a current pop star, not some old fart like Manilow or Bennett. I don’t mind the old farts so much, but I liked that they mixed it up by having someone current.

    My favorite has been Lulu, I think.

  5. I didn’t like Stefani at all. It’s funny that the best were the little known Brit Pop-Stars.

  6. Well, I liked the idea of having a current pop star like Stefani on more than I actually liked her on the show.

  7. I agree, Tom. I wish they would try to get more current people on. That is what they are all striving for, anyway (well, except maybe Melinda. I can’t see her being current at all…).

  8. I agree with that last statement Tom. I appreciate what they were trying to do, but Stefani didn’t have much to offer and we never saw her give much advice to the contestants.

    I think the best was last season when they had Bocelli and that producer guy come on. He looked like he genuinely cared and it was cool to see him put Daughtry on his back to sing. That’s the stuff I like to see–not some pop-star regurgitating stuff the judges have already said about the contestants.

  9. I think Manilow was also a solid guest – lots of clear, digestable advice, delivered non-confrontationally.

    My favorite part of last night?

    When Simon copped to being mean for mean’s sake.

    “The thing is, Melinda, I can’t criticize you and that’s a problem.”

    I am absolutely sure that Sanjaya knew Simon was being sarcastic. I’m not sure how much of the audience caught on.

  10. Phil was shaky in the beginning (as always) but he really delivered the rest of that song. Night & Day is my all time favorite Porter song (along with Everytime We say Goodbye) so I was ready to be hypercritical. He almost won me over.

  11. The audiences at those shows are told to boo the bad comments and cheer for the good ones. If they hear “incredible” they’re going to cheer.

  12. I love that nobody wanted to say anything about Haley’s performance. “Nice legs” had to be extremely insulting, but she’s clearly selling sex (not her voice) and that’s what she’s getting in return, she can’t really be surprised.

  13. I love it when they don’t boo the bad comments, or, even better, when they half-heartedly boo them.

  14. I love that Haley’s eyes practically rolled right out of her head when all the judges did was complement her appearance.

    And last night?

    She was totally checking her manicure while Ryan announced the results, all “bored now.” I love it! I think she has joined the “FU, show” club. (founding member: Sanjaya)

    I hope she shows up in a pony hawk next week.

  15. Horray. Gina’s gone. I think the looks of her arms on Tuesday did her in as much as anything…

    Melinda is completely in a different league than the rest of these poor schmucks when it comes to singing. Too bad she does look like an oompa loompa though — it might get her voted off too early. This is a popularity contest in the end and beauty helps win popularity contests.

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