American Idol 6 Finals, Week 2: Prognostication

That was a fun show. Pretty solid overall. Though I do want to strangle the director or producer or whoever it was who decided to keep showing that bawling girl. I can forgive once or twice, or maybe even three times, but that girl must’ve been on camera a dozen times. Now I’m worried about copycats. The desperate little girlie freaks are all going to start bawling so they can earn TV time and a trip on stage to touch Sanjaya’s hair with a hand they’ll vow to never wash again.

Say what you want about Sanjaya’s performance, at least he brought some energy. His best performance yet. My wife thought it was embarassingly dreadful, and I have to agree, but I say it’s way better to be embarassingly dreadful and energetic than somewhat-less-dreadful and self-consciously lethargic. That said, I hope Sanjaya is put out of his misery this week, though I think Phil is more likely to go.

I was so glad to see Haley not suck tonight. She’s a likable, pretty girl and it’s just been so excruciating to see her fail week after week. She’s still very limited and I don’t think she’ll be around for much more than two or three more weeks, but she did a really good job for once.

Last week I said I thought it was crazy of the judges to put Jordin in the same vocal league as Lakisha and Melinda, and I still think that’s true, but tonight I saw Jordin as a potential frontrunner for the first time. Her vocal was solid and her “acting” in selling the song was fairly convincing. I think she’s got the same youthful spunk that propelled Diana DeGarmo to the finals in season 3, plus very nice teeth and overall polished good looks. I predict she’ll be around for awhile.

Speaking of predictions, witness my renowned A.I. prognostication skills: I predict that neither Lakisha nor Melinda will be in the finale. Voter complacency plus a split vote will doom one of them early, say, with 5 or 6 weeks to go, and there will be much outrage and yelping about “it’s a singing competition” and “you must vote for your favorite.” Then two or three weeks later the fatigue will hit. The voting audience will grow bored of the same old style, no matter how well-executed. Besides lack of versatility, the other major knocks that apply to both of them are that, while they may be sentimental favorites, neither has a lot of personality, and neither has looks as an asset.

Who will be in the finale? That’s harder to say, but I’m going with Blake and Jordin. I kind of feel like I’m going out on a limb picking Blake because he hasn’t blown me away with his singing. His subdued smoothness works well for what seems to be his preferred brand of electronica, but the judges and A.I. live audiences really like loudness. That aside, he’s a really good performer and dancer, he’s a good looking guy, and most of all he’s unique in that it seems that he’s forging an identity as an actual artist by putting what is at least perceived to be his own personal contemporary touch on the arrangements. In the three-songs-each finale Jordin’s loudness will win over the crowd, the judges, and the voting public and confetti will fly about as she’s crowned. In two years her rise to fame and boyfriend history will be chronicled in an E! True Hollywood Story.

Those are my predictions. I’m kind of rooting for Gina, Blake, and Chris Sligh.


18 thoughts on “American Idol 6 Finals, Week 2: Prognostication

  1. Gina sucked last night. My husband said, “I want to like her, because she’s a pretend rocker, but that was awful.”

    I like Chris Sligh because of his personality and, I’ll admit, because he sang a Ray LaMontagne song early on. Plus, the hair.

    Melinda definitely pulled ahead of LaKisha last night, but I’m hoping LaKisha can step it up. She really just chose a bad song last night.

    Sanjaya was excruciating. It was funny at the end when they allowed the little girl on stage and they showed another little girl in the audience looking all mad.

  2. Haha. I guess when Chris Sligh called out “Hi Dave” it was a shout out to the guy who does That’s awesome.

  3. Blake was awesome last night. I thought that was easily his best. I also think that Haley is (finally!!) gone tonight simply because she was good. Sucky=major voting to keep her safe. Good=not so much because they think she IS safe. So, Haley goes tonight.

    Chris Sligh. How much do I love that he sang that song? SO VERY MUCH. My favorite version is a Crowded House cover, but I love it. And I’m still rooting for him. And Blake. And Gina a little bit.

    Sanjaya. I may never forgive him for ruining The Kinks. He is so horribly bad and he should have left weeks before he could attempt any British song. (Thank goodness The Clash wasn’t something he could choose! Oh the horror of him singing Train in Vain. Or London Calling. Yikes!)
    Alas, he is the John Stevens / Chicken Little that just won’t go away. Hello Top 10. Sigh…

  4. Susan, is that true about the Hi Dave? That’s awesome and just makes me love Chris even more…

  5. I think Blake is the smartest, most creative person on the show right now. He might not have the talent of a couple of the girls, but I think his inevitable record could actually be unique. The others will be singing the same old stuff while he’ll be doing something interesting.

    I also thought Chris R. did a great job last night. I like his range of genre. And the dude is melting tweens hearts across the country.

    Gina is embarrassing. Total poseur. Her rockerness is way too calculated…which of course means she isn’t a rocker.

    Tom, you’re right about the little girl. We counted 9 times that the camera showed her just in Sanjaya’s segment alone. And it was completely awkward.

    I like Chris Sligh as a guy, but I think he’s forgettable as a singer. Imagine listening to a cd of his, you’d turn it off after the first song.

    But overall, good fun. The next four or five to go are going to be obvious.

  6. Sanjaya is 17 years old? I sometimes think if he was a few years older he might be a little better. Part of the problem is that half the time he looks like he might collapse on himself. But he’s just a kid. I feel bad for him.

    I’m thinking if he had the right to vote himself off, he would. He looks miserable up there.

    Having said that, I only learned about the site yesterday, and it cracks me up. Hilarious.

  7. Read the most recent blog post over at votefortheworst, Gabby. I guess they’ve been trying to get a contestant to say “Hi Dave” for awhile now.

  8. Final Four will be Blake, Chris S., Jordin, and either Melinda or LaKisha. Blake and Chris are fairly original and have a certain charm to them–especially Blake. Chris R. we’ve heard before, and I wasn’t too impressed with him yesterday.

    I think LaKisha will run out of steam and will have a hard time if some of the themes are out of her genre. Remember Mandisa (Man-Diva) was a hot pick a year or two ago and completely flamed-out.

    Jordin is really, really good.

    Gina is awful. Haley will get a lot of the boy votes that Pickler got last year. She just needs some photos to pop up on the internet.

    Sanjaya must go. Painful.

    I think Stephanie is gone simply because I had to go look up her name because I couldn’t remember who she was.

  9. Rusty, I think you’re right about Chris Sligh’s singing. The only guy he’s really better than is Sanjaya. He’s competent but that’s it. But I want him to stick around, and I think he will, because he’s fun.

    I agree with everyone who’s criticizing Gina, but I still like her. I want her to be better.

    One more reason I think Jordin will beat Blake in the final: while Blake will get a lot of respect for his artistry and uniqueness, Jordin will have broader appeal, especially among voters.

  10. I was disappointed with Sanjaya’s hair this week.

    I was really rooting for pigtails or pippi longstocking braids and he let me down.

    I think that little girl is related to Uncle Nigel somehow.

  11. It was rumored he was doing a fauxhawk. I’m so terribly sad he didn’t give me the chance to mock that!

  12. It seems like if the little girl was related to someone it wouldn’t have been such a big deal for her to be there. She kind of reminded me of my autistic nephew.

  13. Looks like I was right. Stephanie’s gone. It’s better to be memorably bad than not memorable at all.

  14. I’m somewhat surprised by Stephanie going, but not too much. You’re right, Tim, about being memorable.

    I thought for sure that the Sanjaya, Gina, Haley trio were the bottom three. It looked like Gina thought so too.

    I was more surprised by Chris R. being in the bottom two.

  15. […] I’ll just take this moment to tout my prognostication skills. In week 2 of the finals I predicted a Jordin/Blake finale with Jordin winning because of loudness. There’s not much question in my mind that Jordin’s going to take it. May 22, 2007 in Uncategorized | […]

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