Most Anticipated of the New Year

OK, it’s January now. So what are your most anticipated shows? In order, for me:

24: Yes, it is often cheesy. Yeah the whole Nixon thing of last year was a tad contrived. Yes every season has at least one eye rolling episode or event. (Although nothing tops the cougar from season 2) Yes, it’s only come close to matching the original 13 episodes of season 1 occasionally. But admit it. You’re excited. You want to see Jack escape from the Chinese.

Lost: Yes there were a few disappointing episodes this season. But a lot was told. And we won’t have to worry about weeks off. We’re getting a reported 12 straight episodes (maybe more?) If it weren’t for the strength of the Jack Bauer power hour this would be my number one excitement.

Heroes: A show that just seemed to get stronger each episode. And it seems to be going places a tad faster than Lost did. I hope I can wait the weeks for its return.

Battlestar Galactica: Yes, I’ll admit that the last few episodes disappointed me a bit. But the first four were pretty solid and overall this has been an amazing show. The show switches to Sundays and appears to be pushing the whole Cylon/Human connection. I can’t help but think the upcoming season will be engaging in a little bit more Mormon connection from the original series. (i.e. the whole extra religious element – although I’m sure Moore, being largely ignorant of Mormons, will give it an interesting twist)

So You Think You Can Dance: Whaaa!?!? OK, I admit it. I hated this show at first but was excited when a ton of locals made it on the show. It brought back me trying to learn to dance in college. Now that all the local dancers have been discovered I’m kind of hoping for a huge turnout this show to cheer on. This got me excited enough to want to take ballroom dance lessons again when the baby is a tad older.


36 thoughts on “Most Anticipated of the New Year

  1. “24” and “big love.” yes, i’m well aware that i’m going to hell. at least “big love” gets people off my back about watching “desperate housewives!”

    i’m also anticipating the return-from-hiatus of “the office” and “er.” don’t know why about the “er.” i guess old habits die hard?

    we’re cable-less (and don’t get anything in with rabbit ears), but get weekly packages from mother dearest. we’re contemplating biting the bullet and getting basic cable, if only for “24,” though we have yet to watch last season (husband was gone seven months and i agreed to wait for dvd so we could watch it together).

  2. Clark,

    About Lost, we’re actually going to get 17 episodes in a row, so be ready!

    I look forward to Lost, and hope the writers took advantage of this break to get their senses back.

    Heroes has been going well. But again, I hope they give these poor saps some fun in their lives.

    The Apprentice, starting this Sunday. My wife and I love the show. I hope Trump gets away from such blatant product placement, and give his apprentices to be better assignments.

  3. We just finished watching the last season of 24 on DVD about a month ago and I can hardly wait for the next one. Yeah, we want to see what happens to Jack. I’ll miss Edgar, though. Also, the next season of MI-5 when it comes out. We don’t have cable so we basically have to have everything on DVD.

    Also, I just got the first season of House. Haven’t started watching it yet, but am excited to because so many people have said so many good things about it!

    Haven’t gotten Lost yet because I’m afraid. Will I be disappointed I spent the money after being sucked into a good season 1? What say ye?

  4. meems,

    Lost is worth the money. It is a great show, and the suspense builds slowly, methodically, rather than jumping right to a point. I know I’ve been slightly disappointed with the start of season three, but I still think this is one of the best shows out on TV right now.

  5. Oops, that worked in the preview pane, but not in the published comment.

    Edit should read:

    “Yes every episode has at least one eye rolling event.”

  6. Dan, what do you think went astray with Lost? The only bad episode I thought was the Eco one. And that’s partially because last year’s Eco episode was arguably one of the best of the series. So this year’s paled in comparison even though apparently both were largely scripted out at the same time. But I just didn’t think the religious aspect was well directed. Also his death was supposed to be a statement about his spirituality and it just didn’t work. (IMO)

    Other than that episode I’ve pretty uniformly enjoyed this season.

  7. I’m with Clark. I don’t think this season’s LOST episodes have been bad at all. I do worry that the show is really losing momentum, however. I was surprised to see that the show’s ratings had fallen out of the top ten in Neilsen, even after DVR viewing habits are taken into account. Now, as a pop-culture elitist snob (note the internal irony and move along), ratings don’t concern me much. However, the more the ratings suffer, the more pressure there will be from Disney to do radical things to try to recapture the audience, and that scares me a bit.

    I’m starting to wonder if the long hiatus was such a good idea. On the other hand, I’m sure I won’t be complaining come February when I’m facing consecutive episodes through the end of the season.

  8. Clark,

    I think they went astray with these first six episodes of this season. I think they lost their way, no pun intended. Desmond somehow survives the massive blast, ending up naked on the beach. Eko is the only one of the bunch in the hatch who was injured. How come the others in the hatch had not one injury? I mean, at the end of season two, after the huge EMP burst, the door to the hatch flew up and landed on the beach, nearly hitting Claire and her baby.

    There are just so many character inconsistencies in the “lesser” characters, i.e. not the ones focused on during the first six episodes, such as why Jin and Sun were not back at camp and yet Sayid was back at camp, not a word to the other survivors about what had happened. They just lost their doctor and leader for crying out loud! Plus who are those two new annoying characters, and where were they the first two seasons? They killed off most of the tailies where only Bernard is left, and he is hardly anywhere close to a main character. What was the point of the tailies? I understand their need to kill off Eko, as the actor asked to be let go so he could go work on his projects in London, but why kill off all those others last season?

    There are even character inconsistencies among the three leads held captive by the Others. It seems the characters are losing to the plot, and making decisions out of character. It seems the writers wanted to get to a certain point at the end of the six episodes and sacrificed the character-building for the plot.

    So now that they have 17 episodes in a row to work with, and no real demand on cliffhanger episodes for a while, I hope the writers get back to writing excellent characters and let the plot unfold naturally.

  9. Prison Break is the show I look forward to the most. Also, looking forward to Friday Night Lights (tonight!), The L Word, Big Love, and Lost.

  10. Hooray for new episodes! It’s been a long hiatus. We’re running low on DVR events at our house. OTOH, we’ve managed to get through more of our Netflix queue lately.

    What I watch, faithfully (every episode, ASAP):

    Veronica Mars

    Semi-Faithfully (nearly every episode, eventually):

    Ugly Betty

  11. Veronica Mars

    American Idol

    So You Think you Can Dance

    Project Runway

    Top Design (I want to see how Todd Oldham hosts.)

  12. Dan, the only character inconsistencies I note are Claire and Charlie. But I think there is some purpose to them.

    The explosion and Desmond’s survival (and apparent newly enabled clairvoyance) are bound to be explained. I can’t see criticizing over that.

    Ecko was hurt before the explosion wasn’t he? That was also all tied up with the Island’s “control” and the issue of faith in my opinion. The island seems to want the contrite and penitent for some reason.

    Now I can see not liking those elements. But I’m not sure they count against the show. I don’t see any inconsistencies in Kate, Jack or what’s his name. There are developments, but I think they are within the characters.

    As to why everyone keeps secrets from each other. I think they’ve explained that and even had characters griping about it. (In fact last season’s cliffhanger was one of them) Whether there is some force behind some of the characters illogical actions is an other issue. (I think there is – which is why the Charlie – Claire relationship, while annoying, also seems so important)

  13. Clark,

    We’ll see what happens when we return to the Island in February. For the time being, the first six episodes were a mixed bag for me.

  14. I think I’ll check out “Knights of Prosperity” tonight on ABC. I’ve always found Donal Logue to be funny when given a good script, and the premise sounds ridiculous enough to be good.

  15. Tim J., agreed. The buzz has been good for this one, even as a midseason offering. The prospect of a heist to rob Mick Jagger is irresistable.

  16. I love House, Heroes and 24. Prison Break has been stuck in the “watch it when we have time” pile. I don’t know what happened, but it feels like it turned into a jumbled mess. I’m hoping they turned it around over the break. BSG is another that I hope they’ve been working on storylines over the break, I’m not as excited to watch it as I used to be.

  17. In my opinion Prison Break jumped the shark around episode 13. It was entertaining if a bit prolonged and silly those first few. After that it went downhill fast. (IMO)

  18. Kellerman has made the show (Prison Break) the past few episodes. Also, Sarah’s storyline is becoming the one to watch. I still love Prison Break and week to week, it’s the show I watch that lets me down the least (I’m looking at you, Veronica Mars!).

    However, it did have a different feel in season one, in the prison, that I miss.

  19. Prison Break was never meant to be anything near serious tv, so I’ve loved it from the get go. It has lost a little charm this year in that Michael doesn’t seem to have to look at his tattoo as much.

    It’s a good thing he’s so cute.

  20. Yeah, I’m a little sad he’s not shirtless more often this season as well. Wait, is that not what you meant?!

  21. Michael is less shirtless this season, but Lincoln is making up for it with his shirts unbuttoned so low.

    I think this has turned into a gush thread.

  22. 1. reruns of Six Feet Under on Bravo (they’re new to me)
    2. Frisky Dingo
    3. Family Guy
    4. Squidbillies
    5. hate to admit it – American Idol, but usually only the first couple of weeks while they show the terrible auditions

    Lost has to be the worst thing I have ever seen on television. Cliff hanger after cliff hanger with very little resolution, pointless Amazing Coincidences and ridiculous Supernatural Phenomena, and a bunch of flashback garbage. I haven’t seen most of the other things that you guys like, so maybe I’ve just missed the boat.

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