What’d you get for Christmas?

And what’d you give?

I didn’t get anything too exciting, my husband and I like to concentrate on our kids and not each other at Christmas. I got more this year than I normally would, though:

  • The Post Secret book
  • A laundry cart with WHEELS (so happy for this one–we live in a apt and have to carry our laundry across the parking lot to the shared laundry room)
  • A new external hard drive to keep my music on, since my old one was full

We also bought the family the best videogame ever made, Guitar Hero II, and spent most of Christmas Day playing it.


24 thoughts on “What’d you get for Christmas?

  1. One thing we did was to mail cookies from Levain Bakery to our parents/families. A little crazy when the postage/costs adds up, but we wanted them to have a taste of something good from New York City.

    Among other gifts, I received the Bourne Identity and the Bourne Supremacy on DVD.

  2. Got me a vacuum!! Whoo-hooo! And it really sucks!

    Gave many homemade things, including a tree-skirt, a painted table and chairs set for a friend, jewlrey I made, and other paintings.

    This was a fabulous Christmas!

    I’ve heard Guitar Heroes is and awsomely fun game…

  3. I got new earbuds. My Apple earbuds were buzzing. I also got a long-sleeve shirt and some mixed nuts.

    I got my wife a maternity shirt and zip-up sweater and Star Wars Episodes IV, V, and VI.

    We got Ethan (5 years) an RC monster truck which, it turns out, has an incredibly large turning radius so it’s not much fun in the living room. We got Caleb (3.5 years) Fast Talking Lightning McQueen, which talks and drives and stuff. We also got Lego Star Wars for PS2, which is pretty fun. Ethan’s getting the hang of it already. Oh yeah, also Magna-logs and a new engine for their Geo-Tracks train set.

  4. I need to do a post just about Guitar Hero. Maybe this week I can get to it.

    We got the kids a whole lotta stuff—I tend to go richter on Christmas. Among other things, the youngest got an iPod, the oldest a hard drive (and the live Opeth dvd), and the middle one a digital tablet so she can draw right on her computer and not have to scan her drawings anymore.

  5. My wife and I don’t shop for each other and my family doesn’t really buy for each other anymore (we mainly just get together and have a meal, which is better than any gift as far as I’m concerned, although we do still buy for the little kids), but my folks did get me a Best Buy gift card, which I used to buy Guitar Hero 1 (we already had 2). Also bought the new Celtic Frost CD with the remainder of the gift card.

  6. My husband gave me a wonderful spa gift certificate for a few treatments from a very nice day spa in our area.

    The fave gifts we gave the kids were an original Lego set for my 5 year old (he’s been creating things since he opened it and it’s great to see his creativity), and this funny little electronic game for my daughter called Pixel Chicks. It’s like a Tamagochi but you take care of this little girl who goes shopping and stuff.

    My husband and I are giving our whole family a gift of a vacation. We’re going to Cambodia tomorrow and spending 5 days at Angkor Wat. It should be interesting.

  7. Uh, I just wanted to add that we live relatively close to Cambodia and got a super cheap package deal, so it’s not as fancy as it sounds. Just wanted to add that. So you know.

  8. I got nada, but my kids are totally spoiled. I even managed to snag a TMX from Satan’s Warehouse when they sold them onine at noon each day. We tickled him about ten times and the batteries died.

    However we did find some pretty good new soda at Target. It is Orange Passion Fruit Mango, and it is carbonated and has _real_ sugar. It seems to be imprted from Italy.

  9. I got a lot of socks, which surprised and pleased me. Greg & I got each other the same CD, which was ironic because he sold his CD player to get it for me, and I sold my hair… wait, wrong story.

    Kid #1 got a harmonica and is playing it right now. Kid #2 got Zoo Tycoon, which has been in constant play by everyone in the family (that darn picky jaguar! what’s he complaining about now?!). Kid #3 got a car racetrack that Greg and Kid #1 keep commandeering, and kid #4 got rice cereal, diapers and wipes. He is thrilled.

  10. That’s really funny, Allison.

    Danithew, my daughter has only just started getting used to the tablet. She’s going to have to learn some software to use it the way she wants, so I won’t know for awhile if she likes it.

  11. gave: lots of gift cards to distant family members, restaurant g c to my parents (can’t buy them anything), tons of cookies to friends, co-workers & doctors/vets, (my Mom & I bake about 7-8 different cookies a year – gingerbread, cappaccino flats, peppermint stars, cherry chocolate buttons, mexican wedding, rosemary pinenut, cranberry white chocolate – in two days) my dh received pjs, socks, lotto tix and a new practice amp for his guitar, daughter received a new purse, original Sims expansion packs, and a tv/dvd player for her room. She spent yesterday ***cleaning her room*** while watching movies, even turning down a shopping trip with a friend, so that gift has definitely paid for itself.

    received: countertop grill, new rice steamer, accessories for my mp3 player, heart monitor watch, and my tennis racquet re-gripped (yay!!!) plus a rockin’ shirt that says “Card catalogs are old school cool”

  12. meems, thanks for the clarification. i read your first post to my husband and we were both terribly impressed, ha! we used to live in hawai’i and frequently island-hopped, but it was too cheap not to… free flights, cheap hotels. what a neat trip! can’t wait to hear more!

    got: new digital camera (last one was lost in our last move) from husband along with american family test kitchen cookbook (read about in the ‘naccle somewhere) and scrapbooking thing. we exchange gifts with all extended family, but i’ll spare you the list.

    gave: husband axis and allies d-day and some fly-tying stuff (also known as “girl scout craft time junk”). ooh! and the book “how to iron your own damn shirt.” kids got a felt board with accoutrements, beanbags, playsilks, a wooden toy, books, and a board game.

  13. Nacho Libre and a Superman Shirt.

    I would love a wii, that looks fun. That will have to wait until I win the lottery though. Wait, I don’t play. I guess I’ll never get one then 😦

  14. Allison gave a pretty good recap, but failed to mention that the CD we bought each other was Regina Spektor’s “Begin to Hope.” And a fine CD it is.

    Also, Allison gave me a really nice sweater from Target.

  15. I got: Memory foam slippers. New headphones. Sneak King (the Burger King video game with the greatest name EVER for a game). Argyle sweater.

    I gave: Sweater from Uniqlo. Makeup. Ice Cream maker. Two vases.

  16. Those commercials for Sneak King give me the creeps. The Burger King guy is creepy enough without also being a stalking peeping tom.

    Oh, I got a book and various South Park and Simpsons branded clothes items.

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