The Ultimate Bad Christmas Song

This will be the ultimate bad Christmas song. Not because it is the worst, but because it is the last. I unabashedly adore this song and this version. But it is bad; so, so bad.

The Hallelujah Chorus – the Oak Ridge Boys

The Oak Ridge Boys have long cornered the market on country-inflected barbershop. Additionally, they have quite the Christmas music market, having released four Christmas albums. This is a track off the latest, An Inconvenient Christmas. Someone apparently told them that it would be a good idea for the Boys to take the four parts of the chorus and sing it to some rousing electric guitar and synthesizers. Wow. That’s probably all I can say about that. While it may not be the most techinally proficient rendering, the Boys are singing their hearts out and their joy in singing this leaps out at you. I just wish that the bass-voiced Boy had more to do than sing along with the melody. Enjoy (and I mean it, this time).


12 thoughts on “The Ultimate Bad Christmas Song

  1. Oh goodness gracious, what foul beast dropped this from its butt as it slouched towards Jerusalem.

  2. Oh come now! The Prism crap was at least that bad!! Ok, well, as it plays on and I type, I may be wrong, but it’s really close… Where did you dredge up these unholies?

  3. just fyi–I heard on NPR this morning that they’re collecting suggestions for the best and worst Christmas music. I think you’ve got some real gems here that should be inflicted upon–I mean–shared with the world.

  4. Okay, this one is really bad. But, country music fans deserve to hear the Hallelujah Chorus too and this may be the only way they get it!! The rest of the list wasn’t listenable either. At least the Smashing Pumpkins songs were what we expect from them. Thanks for the music appreciation lesson!

  5. You know, this one isn’t nearly as bad as a Barry Manilow song I heard on a satellite radio station yesterday. (I think it was “Because it’s Christmas (For the Children)”.) That one was really awful. It was so bad that I almost burned a copy off of the satellite to email you.

    At least this one has good source material.

  6. Come on! This is not nearly the worst. There are two played by my local soft rock station that are worse. Have you ever been inflicted with “Christmas Shoes” or “Dominick the Italian Christmas Donkey”. I’d consider these strong contenders.

  7. The guy who married me and my wife was once an Oak Ridge Boy. He’s also a tax accountant and an Elvis impersonator. True story.

  8. Well, as a Beatles fan, I may be speaking heresy. But Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmas Time” carol (or whatever it is called) is, well, “special.” Once you’ve heard it, it may take hours to remove from the brain.

    If you don’t know the song I’m talking about, I’m pretty darn sure you’ve heard it. You can’t be in department stores during the holidays and NOT hear it. Just think about what music would go to these words …

    “Simply, having, a wonderful Christmas time …”

    That will probably bring it back.

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