Mediocre Christmas Music

I went looking for more bad Christmas music, but after a while I gave that up and just decided to put these two up.  They aren’t really terrible, they’re just really, really not that good.

Xtina’s Xmas – Christina Aguilera

What is there to say about this?  It is filler from her Christmas album.  It barely has lyrics, which is good because the vocals are intermittent.  It is faux-edgy and faux-hip hip.  I don’t understand what possessed this young woman to put this recording on an album, but she did, so here it is.

Little Drummer Boy – 98 Degrees

Hey, let’s take a third tier boy band, give them tranquilizers, and then record a Christmas album.  Nick Lachey and crew seemingly sleepwalked their way through their Christmas CD and this song is typical.  Note that the instrumentation at the beginning is reminiscent of the infinitely superior Bing Crosby/David Bowie version.  It is as if the producers wanted to remind you of what you could be listening to instead of this.

Finally, I don’t want you guys to get too excited, but I will post my all-time favorite bad Christmas song tomorrow.  In my opinion, it tops all of these.  I love it to bits, but it is bad, bad, bad.  Feel free to guess what it is (unless you are Supergenius, Ronan, or someone else who already knows).  A legitimate correct answer will earn…um…bragging rights and a genuine, oddball Christmas mix-cd from me (which will feature none of the bad music entries).


4 thoughts on “Mediocre Christmas Music

  1. I’ll guess:

    “The Christmas Shoes” (NewSong) or
    “It’s Christmas Eve in Washington” (Maura Sullivan)


  2. There is simply no contest for the absolute worst Christmas song ever.

    It is Paul McCartney’s Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time.

    There can be no other contender for the crown.

  3. Ryan, I submit that the other songs HP has provided are worse than Sir Paul’s, though his is indeed an abomination.

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