Even more bad Christmas music

Is it wrong to crush the dreams of a child?  To mock the innocent?  To laugh at the failures of the young?  Then I am wrong…

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth – The Countdown Kids

It’s not that I hate children.  I have two and they are a lot of fun to be around.  What I do hate is the exploitation of children and, even worse, the exploitation of children to make bad music.  Sure there is a cute factor, but little children singing are like little puppies pooping in your shoes; it is only cute when it is your child/dog.  But the producers of this particular version of this song have forgotten what it is that makes this novelty work: the child is supposed to lisp.  The child who sings this version doesn’t lisp, they instead have trouble pronouncing their el’s.  Typical of children, especially when those children have been told to sing like babies, but it ruins the joke.  So, the producers took a funny song and tried to make it into a cute song and the end result is a bad song.  I formally apologize for bringing it up.


8 thoughts on “Even more bad Christmas music

  1. I believe the children are our future. In this case, the future is a steaming pile of crap in the middle of a radioactive post-apocalyptic battlefield wasteland.

  2. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that the child can’t pronounce r’s either, while s/he can still perfectly pronounce “sister susie sucking on a thistle” or whatever.

  3. I WILL NOT listen this time! (My 5 year old is missing his two front teeth right now, and I waging a war with all my musical might to NOT EVER hear this song!)

  4. “Is it wrong to crush the dreams of a child? To mock the innocent? To laugh at the failures of the young?”

    no, No, and NO!

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