Bad Christmas music

This week, I’m doing a series on bad Christmas music. Why? I’m not sure myself. Perhaps it is the fact that a local radio station began playing non-stop Christmas music on Halloween. One can’t do that without using a lot of bad Christmas music.

In fact, bad Christmas music is so ubiquitous that many people have been turned off of Christmas music entirely. This is a bad, bad thing. Christmas music should be taken in small doses, but it can be wonderful (I may do a good Christmas music series next week to try and prove my point). In any case, I want to purge the bad Christmas music feelings early.

Silver Bells – Kathie Lee Gifford (with Regis Philben)

Have there ever been two people who hated each other more than Kathie Lee Gifford and Regis Philben? I admit their mutual loathing made for good television, but it also made for at least one horrible rendition of an ode to shopping at Macey’s. From Regis’s depressing intro (over the sickly sweet music) to Kathie Lee’s constant whiny asides, this is the definitive celebrity vanity Christmas project gone horribly wrong. Enjoy? (I should add that I first encountered this classic via The Annoying Music Show, which is a kind of highbrow Dr. Demento show)


14 thoughts on “Bad Christmas music

  1. Clark, I find that hard to judge. I don’t know what a non-permanently annoyed Regis would behave like. Even on Millionaire he always seemed ready to slap someone.

  2. The entire Roger Whittaker Christmas Album should be up for consideration. Somehow my family played it all the time and it became something of a joke.

  3. HP – so who do you find more annoying Kelly Ripa or Kathie Lee Gifford? Either would drive me up the wall. (Fortunately I don’t watch the show) I don’t know why, but Regis always seems kind of personable. Like a guy I wouldn’t mind hanging out with. Both Ripa and Gifford strike me as the type that would have me clenching my jaw not to say something unkind fairly quickly.

  4. Ripa’s worse. Mostly because she’s so surgeried up and skeletorish that I find it difficult to look at her. Gross.

  5. While growing up, we basically just listened to a lot of Joan Baez’s Noel and Johnny Mathis. Pretty classic stuff. When I got married, my husband and I started out trying to collect weird Christmas albums, like the Beatles Christmas album and Phil Spector’s Christmas Album, etc. and it turned into stuff like The Brady Bunch Christmas album. There is a lot of bad stuff out there. At some point, though, it gets so bad, it starts to be good.

  6. In the great Ripa/Gifford debate, I probably go Ripa because she seems to have a better sense of humor about herself than Kathie Lee. That said, they both bug me. I’m sure that Regis would be plenty personable if he wasn’t always sitting across from a needy trainwreck.

  7. I know this might sound odd … I once knew someone who worked as a makeup artist for a major television channel here in NYC. She said that the only decent people in show business are in the soaps. She said the irony is that the actors in the soap operas are the ones who married with kids, have family values and treat others decently. I only say that because she said Kelly Ripa was really nice in person. She didn’t have very nice things to say about some other very prominent people in news and television.

    Personally, I don’t care much for daytime television.

  8. BTW – for the record while I don’t watch the show, I came in on it while my wife was watching the View where there was a big controversy over the show.

    Apparently Regis was temporarily replaced by Clay Aitkens (sp?) from Amercian Idol who just came out of the closet. I guess Ripa kept talking nonstop so as a joke he put his hand in front of her mouth. I guess she freaked out and ripped him a new one. Then I guess Rosie O’Donnal (sp? — yeah I’m lazy) took that as an anti-gay move by Ripa. They then got Ripa on the View to debate Rosie about all this.

    I came away terribly confused about who was the most annoying. But I definitely don’t like Rippa, Gifford, or Rosie.

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