LOST: “I do”

Enough talk about the Democrats taking Congress and Britney dumping K-Fed. Let’s get back to what really matters: LOST.

Spoilers and such about the “fall finale” after the jump.

Links and Miscellanea:

  • Details from the official podcast:
    • Carlton Cuse said that Eko was killed because of a deal that the producers had struck with AAA that he would only be on the show for a year. Same deal with Michelle Rodriguez last season.
    • There was a discussion of the ambiguity in the last line of last week’s episode. When Locke says, “We’re next,” Eko’s words must have been “Your next,” which could refer either to the group or to Locke individually.
    • The fate of Cyndy, the Tailie flight attendant, and the children snatched from the tail section beach will be revealed in the second part of the season.
    • Cuse and Lindelof confirm again that the Monster is not made up of nanobots.
    • The book that Juliet picked for the book club was, in fact, Carrie (as I pointed out to readers of this blog the night of the season premier—points for me!).
  • Get your DHARMA fish biscuit on eBay.
  • Writer Gregg Nations over at the Fuselage has denied speculation that Eye Patch guy is former Hatch dweller and mapmaker Radzinsky. Radzinsky’s dead. One thing the producers and writers have been consistent about is that dead people in the LOST universe stay dead. The only way he could show up would be as a flashback (or, I suppose, as a manifestation of the Black Smoke Monster). Incidentally, Eye Patch Guy is apparently played by Andrew Divoff, not Ron Perlman. (†The Lost Blog)
  • San Francisco Chronicle writer Tim Goodman has made a list of characters he’d like to see die. Inexplicably, Charlie didn’t even make the list, while Paolo and Nikki only made it as high has 6 and 7. (†TV Squad) Though I don’t agree with the list, I do find it refreshing to see a TV columnist write something other than the “lost-has-lost-me” whine that’s quickly becoming passé.
  • In a NY Times article about Michael Emersen/Ben Linus/Faux Henry Gale, Emerson offers this quality speculation about who the Others are: “The Others, I think, have some great enemy, but I’m not sure who it is. Doesn’t it seem like they’re commandos, like they’re fighting some kind of guerrilla war? Maybe they are fighting people they were once in league with. Then you get the whole thing of, What is the island? What is the experiment? What is the Dharma Initiative? What was going on there all those years? I don’t know. It’s just fun to think about.” Yes. Yes, it is.
  • Seems that LOST has started another TV trend. According to this article, the (inferior) TV serial drama Jericho will also be going into hiatus, followed by no-repeat episodes beginning in February.

Observations and Speculations:

  • Overall, I have to say that this episode was somewhat less than I expected. Most of the island time was spent setting up the cliffhanger scenario. Kate’s flashbacks didn’t really tell us anything we didn’t already know (recall that Kate fessed up to having been married during “Outlaws,” episode 1.16, when she and Sawyer were playing “I never” beside a campfire). Locke’s reveal (the message on Eko’s stick) had been discussed here weeks ago. I’m not saying it was a bad episode—it wasn’t bad at all—but it was somewhat less than I expected.
  • Yes, those were Oceanic Airlines tickets to Costa Rica that Kevin (aka Capt. Reynolds of the spaceship Serenity) was presenting to Monica (aka Kate).
  • The best thing about this episode was the way that it totally rehabilitated Jack’s character. In the process of cutting into Ben’s spine, Jack suddenly developed a backbone of his own. Unfortunately, his lack of information makes his play pretty unstable.


  • By the way, we did get one oblique nugget. Other Danny Picket, on his way to execute Sawyer, mentioned that “Shepherd wasn’t even on Jacob’s list.” Is Jacob Ethan’s real name? (Probably.) Or is Jacob someone we don’t know. Watch for Jacob references later in the season. If nothing else, we know now that Jack was not considered one of the “good” ones for list-making purposes.
  • We also got to see Alex, Rousseau’s daughter, make a reappearance, and she’s pretty good with a slingshot. The subplot is a little murky, but we know that Carl, the former occupant of Kate’s bear cage, is her boyfriend, and that she thinks he’s been killed. We also know that Juliet lied to Ben about whether Alex asked about him. What is most unclear to me is what Alex is doing on the Alcatraz island to begin with.
  • Locke is acting a bit like Jack was acting in season 1, concealing information that he thinks might be harmful to the other survivors. Sayid, of course, has the ultimate built-in BS detector. Why is Locke acting that way? Is this a reflection on his newfound sense of responsibility and leadership?
  • Kate’s character is also somewhat puzzling to me. Why is she acting different on the island than she acted in her prior life. If we learned anything from the flashbacks, it was that Kate can’t settle down, that she ultimately values her own freedom and individual security more than she does personal relationships. And yet, she’s somehow formed an unbreakable bond to Sawyer and has passed up multiple chances to break out on her own. This seems inconsistent and difficult to reconcile. On the other hand, her change in behavior may be due in part to not-so-desert island mentality.
  • I did like seeing our favorite U.S. Marshall again. By the way, the Feast of the Ascension takes place on the fortieth day after Easter Sunday and, according to Catholicism, it’s a Holy Day of Obligation.
  • If we never again have to be subjected to another bear-cage-jungle-love scene, I’ll be pleased.


I guess that’s about it. I may be missing something, so feel free to add your own observations and speculations in the comments below. I’ll see you all back here in February.


14 thoughts on “LOST: “I do”

  1. Greg,

    What is most unclear to me is what Alex is doing on the Alcatraz island to begin with.

    Um, and if Alcatraz is so small….just where the heck is she hiding??!?!?!

    I agree also that Kate’s flashback didn’t do much for me, but I wonder, what Kate meant when on the walkie-talkie with Jack. She said she didn’t want to leave without him—who was she referring to? Jack, or Sawyer?

    I’ve been mightily disappointed with these first six episodes. One of J.J. Abrams’s favorite things to do (if you look at Alias as an example) is to keep things so murky about what is coming that you end up not really caring. Drag out too much, keep a picture of this island too vague and you start to lose interest.

    The focus on Jack, Sawyer, Kate and the Others was well done, but everything else on the rest of the Island (Sayid, Sun, and Jin with the boat, the other survivors, Locke saving Eko) have been severely limited, to a point where they’ve cut corners on character development.

    They’ve severely thurst Desmond into secondary status. He was on screen today for like 1 minute. What were his lines? He was stuck looking around at the new filler characters at Eko’s grave.

    What about Rousseau? We see her daughter Alex doing some weird things, thinking she could take on the Others with a slingshot.

    What about Bernard, the sole remaining Tailie? Seriously, why were we introduced to the tailies?

    What about Hurley and all his baggage? After all, he thinks the Others killed his girl. He seems to now have completely forgotten his anger. After all, why did he choose to go with Jack to the Others’s camp?

    I know the writers were trying to get to this cliffhanger in these first six episodes. I’m sure they were wondering what they could do with all the other characters for these six episodes while they focused on Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. Well, I think they failed pretty badly in maintaining the other primary characters during these six episodes.

    What they probably should have done, if they wanted to get to this cliffhanger was to spend four solid episodes solely on the captives with the Others, and two solid episodes solely on the other Survivors. Show more about Desmond. Show more about Hurley. Show more about Locke. Show more about how the rest of the survivors react to having their three leaders, Jack, Kate, and Sawyer taken prisoner by the Others. To this point, no comments were made. Do the rest of the survivors not care that their doctor was taken from them? It certainly does not show.

    Those are my thoughts. I hope the writers pick up the slack they’ve made in these six episodes.

  2. It seemed like Ben and Alex have a connection of some sort. Ben is her father? I dunno.

    Jacob is Ethan? I thought Ethan died, and he also appeared to be a subordinate to Ben, but I took Danny’s comment to mean that Jacob may be the real leader.

    I did expect a bigger cliffhanger/revelation before the hiatus, but I wasn’t all that disappointed. It’s still my can’t-miss show each week.

  3. I’m going to retract my statement that Jacob is probably Ethan’s real name. IIRC, Ben called Ethan by name in the season premier. So there must be another Other named Jacob. All we know about him so far is that 1) he also made a list; and 2) Jack wasn’t on it.

  4. Here’s another I forgot to add to my post: Did anyone else think it sounded like Alex’s voice coming out of the supposedly broken intercom and telling Jack to try opening the door? It sure sounded like Alex to me, and definitely didn’t sound like Juliet.

  5. I have a question maybe someone could answer.

    At the end of the episode when Jack tells Kate to remember a story he told her on the beach the first day after crash, what was the story?

  6. I believe it was the story when he was operating on a young women and he severed the spinal cord. I believe he said it looked like a bunch of spaghetti. He went on to say that he gave himself 10 seconds to be scared and that was it. Then remember Kate hiding from the “monster” counting to ten in the first episode.

  7. Right, Tim.

    Kate’s response in episode 1 was that she would have run. Jack says, “I don’t think that’s true. You’re not running now.”

  8. There were a couple things that bothered me in this episode.

    First of all, why would Jack trade a gun for the opportunity to operate on Ben? Possibly the gun was loaded with blanks (knowing how tricky the Others are), but there was nothing in the episode to suggest that Jack suspected that. How about holding the gun to Ben’s head and walking out of there instead of a complicated “liver incision” that just gets Kate out?

    Secondly, the Monster is back? Where was it during Season 2 when the castaways were traipsing through the jungle non-stop? Suddenly, when a character needs to get whacked, it reappears after a long hiatus.

    Lastly, could the introduction of the new characters have been any more ham-handed? “Hi, we’ve been here the whole time but you’ve never seen us before.”

    However, just the glimpse of the man with the eyepatch is enough to keep me watching.

  9. “First of all, why would Jack trade a gun for the opportunity to operate on Ben?”

    Jack didn’t just want to escape himself, he wanted to save Kate.

  10. I don’t know, Greg. I don’t see how holding a gun to Ben’s head fails to free Kate, while creating an extremely complicated surgery stand-off magically frees her, via walkie-talkie no less!

    There are just too many holes in this story-line, in my opinion. It seems like the writers could have made it a lot more plausible with just a little more work. (For example, why even have Jack find the weapons at all?)

    And I say this as a person who thinks Lost is the greatest television show in history.

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