LOST: Season 3 Preview

One week from today, we’ll be able to discuss the season premier. So I thought I’d take this opportunity to get everyone geared up for another season of television greatness and tie up a few loose ends that unraveled during the off-season since my season-two-review post. I won’t (intentionally) post any spoilers, assuming you’ve seen the first two seasons by now, so feel free to peruse the post below at your leisure. (Also, try to avoid spoilers in the comments. It’s way too early for that sort of thing.)

Where were we? As you might recall, the Season 2 finale was something of a cliffhanger. Here’s a wrap up of where our characters were when we last saw them:

  • Jack, Kate and Sawyer, after being led by a perfidious Michael across the island to meet up with the Others, were being held captive. They were giving each other what many of us interpreted as “meaningful” looks, though those may just have been digestive in nature. (Lets face it, it’s hard to get enough dietary fiber on the island.)
  • Faux Henry Gale, Ms. Klugh and Mr. Friendly (aka Zeke) were the captors of everyone’s favorite love triangle.
  • Michael and Walt were on the Others’ boat (delivered as promised by Faux Henry Gale’s crew), leaving the pier and heading (presumably) in the compass bearing of 325 (whatever that means) with the promise that if they do so, they will find rescue.
  • Sayid, Jin and Sun were on a sailboat. Sayid’s brilliant, foolproof plan—once he had cottoned to Michael’s treachery—was to take Desmond’s boat along the shore line to yurtville and save the day. Unfortunately, Michael didn’t go to yurtville, but to the pier. Fortunately, we got to see the foot of a four-toed colossus. Jin has repented of his formerly chauvinistic ways and has consented to allowing his pregnant wife to accompany him on Sayid’s adventure.
  • Locke, Eko and Desmond were in the hatch when the electro-magnetic activity hit the fan. When the episode ends, they haven’t returned to the beach. (Don’t fret too much, though, because they are all on the Season Three poster, so I think it’s safe to assume they survived.)
  • Charlie and Claire were making eyes at each other on the beach. Charlie had been in the hatch earlier, but made it to the beach.
  • Bernard and Rose were also on the beach.
  • Hurley was released by Faux Henry Gale and his friends and instructed by Ms. Klugh to go back and tell the others not to visit the Others. Presumably, he’s somewhere between the pier and the beach at the end of Season 2.
  • Penelope Widmore was in bed, receiving a report on the possible location of her long-lost love, Desmond, from a couple of Portugese-speaking men in an arctic (or possibly Antarctic) station.
  • Vincent‘s location is unclear (unless he was on the beach, but I just didn’t notice). Keep an eye on that pooch. He knows more than he’s telling.
  • Boone, Shannon, Ethan, Goodwin, Ana-Lucia, and Libby were still dead. Despite persistent rumors to the contrary, so was (and is) Christian Shepard. And Dave was/is still imaginary.

Did I miss anything in the off season? What, you didn’t follow the alternate reality game (the Lost Experience) religiously over the summer? It’s okay, neither did I. Fortunately, some folks have helpfully pieced together and uploaded the entire Alvar Hanso/DHARMA initiative film (which was sort of the scavenger hunt prize) to YouTube. The video explains some stuff, like what the numbers mean (they are a numerical sequence associated with something called the “Valenzetti Equation,” which predicts the end of humanity. Or something.) and what the DHARMA acronym stands for (Department of Heuristics And Research on Material Applications).

Any internet stuff I should know about? Well, if you don’t know about them already, these are the essential internet websites for LOST stuff:

  • Lost TV – your source for episode transcripts and a whole lot more.
  • Lost Media – your source for episode screen caps and a whole lot more.
  • The Fuselage – the unofficial, official discussion forum (it was created by JJ Abram’s team). There are a few other good discussion forums out there, but this is the one I always come back to.
  • Lostpedia is a good reference source for all things LOST.
  • ABC’s official website is useful mainly as the place to download the official podcast put out on a semi-regular basis by producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof.

I’m also fond of The Lost Files, a relatively new website that popped up near the end of last season.

Anything else? Like, anything new?

Yes, for instance:

  • Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse headed a panel at ComicCon this summer, and here’s a report from Whitney at Pop Candy on what was said. (The audio was also made available as a mid-summer podcast.)
  • If you never saw Conan O’Brian’s brilliant open to the Emmys (where LOST was criminally snubbed), then YouTube to the rescue once again (naturally).
  • The LOST Season 2 DVD was recently released and bits of the special features are showing up on (you guessed it) YouTube, where for example you can see the special features introduction with Dr. Candle/Wickman.
  • Also, be sure to check out where you can get your hands on an Apollo Candy Bar.

What should I look for this season?

Well, aside from the usual bit-by-bit expansion of the mythology and a lot more information about the Others and the history of the island, keep a look out for some mini mobile phone episodes that should get going this year. (I’m hoping—and I think it’s a safe bet—that someone will find a way to upload these to YouTube as my phone isn’t techno enough to play video clips.) I hope to do regular LOST blogging this season as I did for most of last season, but I can’t promise I’ll be available after every single episode. We’ll see. Remember, this season, there will be no reruns. We’ll get a batch of episodes starting next week, then a long hiatus followed by the rest of the season from winter through to summer. I’m looking forward to that.

That’s it for now. By this time next week, we’ll have new LOST stuff to ponder, at last.


11 thoughts on “LOST: Season 3 Preview

  1. I don’t know if it’s worth checking out. It’s just a summary. I don’t know if there’s any insight to be gained from the fact that the voice of the narration belonged to faux Henry Gale. I don’t think he gave any new hints or clues, but I’m not very Lost astute so I could have missed something.

  2. The Gale narration was right on. Diane said something to me about “interesting narraton” and after listening to it more carefully for a few seconds I realized what they had done.

    I’m curious to see if he somehow turns out to be “one of the good guys” as he says.

  3. Bryce: tell that to the real Henry Gale.

    Actually, I think that will be a major plot point for at least the first part of season 3: whether or not the Others are truly evil.

  4. Of course the Others are evil. If the fact that they insist that they are the good guys doesn’t convince you of this, nothing else will.

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