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Back in the day, when Freaks and Geeks was still on the air, but fighting for its life, I stumbled upon, a smartly-written blog about, you guessed it, TV. The writing has fallen off of late, but it’s still worth a visit. The best feature used to be the dead pool, where readers could bet on which shows would be cancelled first, justly or unjustly.
From there, it’s a short hop,skip, and a jump to Television Without Pity, or Twop, where you can find recaps of your favorite shows that take longer to read than it does to watch the show (downloading time included). When you’re trying to keep the backstory on Veronica Mars straight, it’s a pretty invaluable resource. Of course, it’s a bad place to get spoiled as well, so be careful where you click.

A television site that has jumped the shark is, well, Jump the Shark. There’s some funny stuff here, but navigating the site is a nightmare.

Any other resources out there (other than KB, the definitive guide to all things pop culture, natch)?


5 thoughts on “Great websites about TV

  1. TVoP rules. It’s the site I like the best, because it’s snarky and insider-y and fun, like I live my life, yo.

  2. I love TWOP. Even if a show isn’t being recapped, there’s probably a forum thread about it – I haunted the So You Think You Can Dance thread last summer and picked up fantastic info about the styles and difficultly thereof.

    I recently happened upon;home – It looks pretty thorough – great resource for keeping episodes & plot lines straight.

    What I’m not a big fan of: Bravo’s Project Runway site. It’s not updated uniformly & it’s hard to find important info -like who was auf’d last week – I can say a lot of critical things about American Idol, but at least it’s easy to find out who was cut on the website.

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