For Those in Need of Further Proof I am a Bad Person

I must admit I have watched this show on the Fuse channel.  It truly does not belong on TV.

Or really, this planet.

I am so ashamed.

It’s called PANTS-OFF DANCE-OFF, and basicially it consists of one random American citizen stripping down to their underwear as they dance to a music video that plays behind them.

The songs ends right before, you know, the full monty, but by then it’s usually too late and you already want to die.  If you wish, you are kindly informed, you can go to the internet to see what you missed out on.

It’s really like, possibly, the worst thing ever done ever anywhere, but I’ve watched it three times.  The second time it was some guy with man-boobs.  The third time it was a pregnant lady and I decided to draw the line.

But first, I thought you should all hear about it.  Under no circumstances should you follow this link.


8 thoughts on “For Those in Need of Further Proof I am a Bad Person

  1. As soon as you said “Fuse Channel” I knew where this was going.

    My wife stumbled upon the show late one night and was shocked. She, of course, told me all about it which only piqued my curiosity–so I had to see for myself what was going on. I thought it was going to be some hot blonde model stripping down to her skivvies, but no, it was some fat asian guy bouncing around to some rave song. It’s just wrong.

  2. I finally deleted FUSE from my channel surfing list because it seemed like half of the time I flipped past FUSE this obnoxious show was on. Of course it is such a train wreck that I usually lingered a little in shock and awe and horror… 10-30 seconds of this fiasco of a show was more than enough every time though. It ain’t purdy, folks.

    I never did figure what the deal was with FUSE. Some bizare interactive teen fest or something…

  3. To paraphrase myself: If we should feel guilty about liking anything, it’s farts and Pants-Off Dance-Off.

  4. That is disgusting, and I loved it.

    It causes me to wonder what amount of money and/or what amount of alcohol is required to motivate somebody to do that. Everything I kow about my fellow humans tells me: not much.

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