Can it be True?

Battlestar Galactica is better than Lost.


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  1. Yes, it can be true. It IS true. Just don’t go besmirching Veronica Mars here though.

  2. Having never watched Lost I suppose I am not in the best position to claim that BSG is the best show on television. That said, it is.

  3. VM > Lost > BG

    Put it this way — I still haven’t seen the second half of season 2 of BG. I was displeased with the end of season 2 of LOST. And while Season 2 of VM wasn’t as good as Season 1, it’s the only premiere that I’m really looking forward to.

    And Boomer > Kate > 6

  4. And let me add that I’m halfway through 24: Day 3, and it’s getting harder and harder to ignore the glaring problems in the entire setup.

  5. From what I’ve seen VM lost something in season 2. I thought the second season of Lost was fantastic.

    I haven’t gotten to the second season of BSG. So the verdict is out, but as good as it is VM can’t touch BSG or Lost.

    6 > Sharon > Kate

  6. I’ve never seen BSG–is it that good? Just so I have a reference point, when responding, please rate Star Trek: TNG on a scale of 1-5.

    Day 3 never happened. You hear me? It never happened. Jack never staged a prison break, he never flew to Mexico. It never happened!

    I would say Day 5 was the best, though it had some glaring problems as well. It just had some cool action sequences.

  7. It’s good, Tim. I was a skeptic. Now I think about Cylons constantly. I’ve even identified a few in real life.

  8. arJ,

    But how DID you rate Star Trek:TNG.

    I’m not a huge sci-fi buff, though I do find it enjoyable when well-written, well-acted, etc. From everything I’ve heard, though, I may have to check it out.

  9. rJ, tough call. ST:TNG and DS9 have some very great moments. Overall I’d say if BSG is a 5, ST:TNG is a 3 and DS9 is a 4.

  10. Tim, keep on going to Blockbuster. BSG is very very good (it starts off OK with the mini-series, but the regular eps are even better).

  11. Okay next question (for SG or anyone else):
    Name a sci-fi series in the past ten years or so that you did NOT like.

  12. BSG’s brilliance lies in its ability to use sci-fi to address current events. I think it’s had more to say, and say intelligently, about the post 9/11 world than any other show.

  13. Tim J., there are dozens. Andromeda? Most of Stargate, with rare exceptions? Stargate: Atlantis? ST:Enterprise? ST: Voyager? Most of Farscape (though it had muppets, so…)? Mutant X? Millennium? all bad. But the worst of all….

    Seaquest DSV.

  14. All I can say is my wife is sci-fi intolerant, but she loves BSG.

    I think it’s because I look so much like Helo.

  15. ST:TNG is too episode oriented. It is rare for things to happen that change the plot. In fact, there isn’t a plot. They’re just out in space and then something happens that is resolved in one or two episodes. BSG is at its weakest when it has stand alone eps. DSN had an overall story arc but is also very self contained. The first several episodes of BSG are like 24, but in space and not in real time. Well, 33 is real time I believe.

    Also, BSG rarely uses technology as a deus ex machina. They don’t reroute the power from the jeffries tubes to the transducer array in order to create a subspace disturbance that will allow them to go back in time exactly 20 years.

  16. I thought everyone knew ‘Deadwood’ is the best show currently on TV (soon to be supplanted once season 4 of ‘The Wire’ starts). Or does HBO not count?

    For the record, I barely ever watch TV so I guess I’m not really qualified to discuss this. I’ve seen season 1 of Lost and thought it was OK, but I haven’t seen season 2. I haven’t seen the other shows y’all are discussing.

  17. BrianG kind got to what I was asking. Is it the best SciFi show or the best show show. Will a moderate SciFi fan like myself like it, or will the fact that I have never really liked any SciFi on TV that I can remember.

    SG, you actually watched all of those shows?

    Seaquest–wow! I remember being so excited when that came out! It turned out to be Star Trek: UW (underwater).

  18. Speaking of SciFi, it appears as though JJ Abrams has signed on to do the next Star Trek movie which has been rumored to be a prequel with Matt Damon as Cpt. Kirk.

  19. The last line of paragraph 1 in #26 should have finished “prevent me from liking it.” Sorry…kids.

  20. BSG has surprising crossover appeal. Season 1 is awesome. If you think the show is boring, check out the series pilot “33” (not the mimiseries). It’s absolutely brilliant (although not quite as amazing as the LOST pilot).

    JJ Abrams shows always seem to tank in Season 3. I hope LOST doesn’t follow the same pattern.

  21. Bryce,

    JJ Abrams made changes to Alias because of the uproar of people who kept saying, “It’s too confusing,” or, “There’s too much going on,” or “None of the questions get answered.” (Which are the same things YOU are now saying about “Lost.”)

    By succumbing to these, Alias was basically whitewashed, which eventually led to the demise of the show.

  22. However, it’s important to note that of late JJ Abrams has had his hands off LOST as he has been busy with MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3 and signing 55 million dollar deals with Paramount.

  23. Tim J. —

    I have my complaints about LOST, but none of them are “It’s too confusing,” or, “There’s too much going on,” or “None of the questions get answered.”

    My wife was telling me about how Felicity was such a great show in its first two seasons, and I got to thinking.

  24. Bryce I,

    My wife was telling me about how Felicity was such a great show in its first two seasons, and I got to thinking.

    Speaking of sci-fi shows… Who would have thought that Felicity would have become one?

  25. I’ll vouch for BSG as the best show on TV too. I just saw a promo for season 2 last night in the premiere of EureKa and it looks very cool.

    I actually am not much of a Lost fan. I rented season 1 and got annoyed with it after about three episodes so I gave up. I got the feeling they were making crap up as they went and I was just a sucker to hope there would ever be a coherent reason why these people were on this island… It sounds like I may have cut bait a little early though. I have been interested in the few season 2 episodes I caught parts of.

    I guess I need to rent VM too. I’ll get to that after Avatar I guess (that reference is for you, BTG Greg)

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