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Whatever you do, no matter how badly you want to, do not open this link if you don’t want serious clues about the season finale of Lost.

My contacts deep inside the power circles of Hollywood tipped me off to something big. I had to meet two people shrouded in shadow in a dark parking garage to get this information to you. They identified themselves only as SG Hanso and BTD Hanso. Brothers, perhaps.

They gave me this call sheet. For those of you unfamiliar with film production, the call sheet lists all the scenes to be shot on a certain day, the actors required, and the sets involved.

Take a look. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Turn away now!!!!

The document


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  1. Here’s what I’ve been able to gather, including reasonable speculation and inferences, from the call sheet (assuming it’s authentic**):

    –This is the call sheet for the episode “Live Together, Die Alone,” (episodes 2.23 and 2.24, likely either a two hour double episode or a two parter)

    –It looks like this episode will be a Desmond flashback episode. Desmond, you’ll recall, was the hatch dwelling fellow that Jack and Locke met at the first of this season, and someone Jack knew from another life. “Kelvin” was Desmond’s former hatch-mate, the one who told Desmond about pushing the button, then died, leaving Desmond all alone in the hatch. Some have speculated that it was Kelvin who drew the black-light map on the inside of the hatch’s blast doors.

    –It looks like this episode will tell us the story of how Desmond got to the island. We have both exterior and interior scenes that take place at a prison. Desmond interacts with someone named “Widmore” inside and outside the prison. We don’t know who Widmore is yet, but there have been clues associated with this name. There was an easter egg in the most recent Charlie episode (“Fire+Water”) that had a sign saying “Widmore Construction.” Also, the pregancy test that Clare took during the episode “Maternity Ward” was branded “Widmore Labs.” This episode will also include a “sailing brochure” featuring “photos of Widmore and boats.” My guess (not too much of a stretch, I know) is that Widmore is connected to Hanso/DHARMA. My hypothesis is that Widmore somehow managed to get Desmond out of prison in exchange for his agreement to compete in the around-the-world race.

    –Charlie and Eko blow up the hatch with the dynamite from the Black Rock, sending the hatch door flying onto the beach.

    –The “stadium” that is the setting for scene 27 is probably the same stadium where Desmond met Jack running stairs before either of them were on the island.

    –Libby knew Desmond previously, and may have supplied the boat that he was using to attempt an around-the-world one-man boat ride.

    –Brooke Mikey Anderson (“Charlotte”) we haven’t seen before, but on her website she confirms that she’s currently in Hawaii filming for Lost. Apparently Charlotte and Eko are connected. She’s a former child star from Australia. Her appearance is in episode 2.21, “?” (likely a reference to the center object on the blast door map), most probaby a Libby flashback episode.–Dr. Marvin Candle will make a reappearance. Candle, remember, is the Asian scientist from the orientation film. “Waxman” may be an alias for Candle.
    **Right now, I think it’s either authentic, or it’s a foiler (a false spoiler) leaked by the Lost creative team to throw fans off track. It think it makes more sense if it’s real.

  2. Great breakdown, BTD.

    This definitely has the look of an authentic callsheet. The only thing remotely suspicious to me is the fact that if a fifteen day shoot begins on the 17th of April that doesn’t allow much time for post-production.

    However, they do work people to the bone in Hollywood. We’ll see…

  3. The lawyer in me just had to look up the corporate information. Turns out that Grass Skirt Productions, LLC is a Hawaii limited liability company registered with the Hawaii Secretary of State in 2004 and listing its managing officer as Lost Productions, Inc.

    The corporate name, at least, looks legit.

    I’m a pretty skeptical person by nature, but I’m about 95% convinced now that this is for real.

  4. Go to http://www.spoilerfix.com and scroll down a little bit and it’ll confirm a Desmond-centric episode – but only scoll over the spoiler that is hidden if you REALLY want to know who maybe sent Desmond to the island!!!!


    A special thanks to BTD’s own Bill for covering the Lost beat for me while I was on vacation a few weeks ago. Thanks. Tonight’s episode is the first of non-stop new episodes—not a repeat or a clip show from……

  6. […] By now, you may have seen the leaked spoiler that’s being posted everywhere in the form of a pilfered call sheet, for the season finale, “Live Together, Die Alone.” I won’t link it here (nor will I link the rampant rumor-mongering about who may die at the end of this season) because it’s the sort of forward-looking spoiler that doesn’t fit into the format of these posts, but if you’re interested, and if you the type of person who shakes Christmas presents weeks before you open them, you can hop on over to Kulturblog and see it for yourself. I’ve got a bit of analysis in the comments. […]

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