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My latest project is a website designed to help beginner to intermediate Internet users better understand the world of computers. While I really like my anonymity on the site itself, I’m willing to expose myself to those with whom I’m comfortable. Although I have a great domain name, at this point I’m trying to gain exposure and seek quality feedback and, if appropriate, get other sites to link to If you get a chance, check it out and give me your take on the ads, content, and design.


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  1. I like it, and will probably use it. You’ve already answered some questions that I’ve had.

    The setup seems odd to me though. It seems to me that the primary value of a blog-structured site is to see new content or to make comments. If you’re going to have a blog set up, take advantage of the comment feature so that people can ask follow up questions or add additional information.

    If you just want your own posts on the site and not have to worry about others, then it would seem to be easier to navigate in a standard layout instead of a blog. It’s pretty easy to navigate now, as there are so few posts. But years down the road, finding an answer to a question might become difficult, in which case a more structured set of sections and sub-sections would make it easier to find a category of questions someone was looking for.

  2. Wow, you really did get a great domain name. I’m amazed that was available.

    And nice job on the design. It looks great.

  3. The design reminds me of a blog; was that your intention? I think you need Rusty’s input for good design procedures. The current design is fine, but very text heavy, and not exactly inviting. I don’t know how far you want to go…

    I’m disappointed, of course, that it seems to be primarily for Windows users. We Mac users are clearly a minority, so I’ve chosen a technology that marginalizes me once again. I fit nowhere.

  4. Bob,
    I like it. I’m not really your target market, though it could come in handy if I have a question I’m too embarrassed not to know the answer to. I like the straightforward answers that don’t use insiders words.

    How’s the traffic? I would imagine you would get traffic just because of the name. You should talk with Geoff J (New Cool Thang) about traffic.

    I’m not sure about the colorscheme… the yellow in particular. Also not a fan of Verdana. If you want I could help you out a little on the header and colors and stuff.

  5. Eric: It’s nice to hear I’ve answered some questions you may have had in the past, as I’m trying to write articles on those questions that come up most frequently as I fix computers for people. I picked a blog structure because, quite frankly, it’s the easiest to get up and running quickly. I’m torn over the comment suggestion. On the one hand, it would be nice; but on the other hand, too much chitchat could end up happening along with inappropriate content. I’m trying to one-man-band-it for now and don’t want to deal with management of comments. If someone really has a question, I’d hope that he/she would e-mail me. Also, tell me more about your “standard layout”… Is there really some standard that would be more applicable to my content?

    Danithew: The domain name wasn’t available. It’s been taken now for ten years. Now is its first time going prime time, long story…

    D.: I’d like you to give me more on the “not exactly inviting” bit, as I’ve tried to design a site that is simple and to the point (too many sites scare away beginners looking for simple information). But if it isn’t inviting, I’d like to think there is a way to make it inviting, yet simple. And yes, it’s mostly for Windows users, sorry. I still like you.

    Rusty: I like when you say, “…if I have a question I’m too embarrassed not to know the answer to…” I almost want to put that line in my contact page! The traffic is actually very low, the name is great, but like I said earlier, it’s been dormant for ten years. And yeah, I’d be interested in more details about color and font (is it yellow in general? Or the type of yellow?). I actually like Verdana but more so as a font for new users. I don’t have much to back me up with that, just that it seems comfortable for people not used to on-line browsing.

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