Oh yeah, the Tony Awards

I woke up this morning, turned on the radio, and discovered that I had missed the Tony Awards last night. Not that I would have watched them if I had known they were on, but I was surprised to find that they had come and gone without registering on my cultural radar at all. Nada. Not a blip.

Growing up in New York, I never followed Broadway very closely, but I always had an idea of what was playing and what was popular. Local TV and radio advertising brought some shows to my attention, and the New York Times kept me in daily contact with the current offerings. Now I find that I have absolutely no idea of what is playing (other than Spam-a-lot, which somehow doesn’t fit into my conceptual model of a Broadway show anyway). And I don’t really care, either.

Other than D. Fletcher, is anyone paying attention?


8 thoughts on “Oh yeah, the Tony Awards

  1. This has been a great year for plays in New York. Simon Russell Beale’s Broadway debut in Jumpers; Michael Frayn’s new play Democracy; first Broadway revival of Glengarry Glen Ross, with a great cast; Hurlyburly, Doubt, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, Spamalot, The Pillowman. I’ve only been to the first three in that list but wish I had time and money to go to all of the rest. (I went to the Spamalot box office on Saturday to try to buy tickets for my husband’s birthday — sold out through November!!) It takes a bit of effort to get tickets, and obviously more money than going to a movie or concert, but plays are great and one of the best reasons to live in NYC. I’m talking mostly about straight plays — my hubby and I are not big fans of musicals. But there have even been some good musicals in the past few years — I liked Gypsy, The Producers, and The Full Monty. We go to 5 or 6 plays a year. More smart people like you need to go!! To counter-balance the demand for singing puppets and dancing witches and other nonsense geared to tourists.

  2. Since I’m not located in Theater Mecca (there is a little theater here in Seattle called Theater Babylon, however), I’ve paid little attention to the Tonys, but to echo Wendy, it has been a good year for drama. I read Doubt a couple weeks ago and it is a knockout. I think it will likely be anthologized and studied for years and years to come. If Angels in America was the Play of the Decade for the 90s, I think Doubt may be the Play of the Decade for the Aughts. It’s that good.

    And now a couple of plugs for productions currenty or soon to be playing in NYC that I’ve caught here in Seattle. See Shockheaded Peter and Circus Contraption. Both are dark, macabre, silly productions that amuse, shock and delight. Think Tim Burton meets Edward Gorey meets Tom Waits meets P.T. Barnum.

  3. hehe, how’d you know, Bryce?

    I’ve seen Spelling B, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Light in the Piazza, Doubt, Hurly Burly, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? all in the last month. It was a very good season for plays and musicals.

    The Tonys, however, put on a terrible show, and I’d hardly recommend watching it. Soon enough, you may not even get a chance, since they garner such terrible ratings.

  4. Hey, the Tony Awards are the one time of the year
    that I can find out what’s happening in the
    theater world. I love watching the dancing and singing; such wonderful talents on display, usually well directed. Ever heard of the 13th
    Article of Faith, anyone? (“…we seek after these things.”) Since this is called
    Planet LDS, I feel safe enough bringing that little thought to the forefront. When you can’t
    choose to watch a particular play because you live
    nowhere near a major center in which these shows will play, you need to wade through some things you’d rather avoid. There is such a thing as a mute button and the kitchen (leave the room). Because this show is once a year, I tend not to condemn every minute of it, but I try to look for the good.
    I just wanted to add my voice in defense of the outer limits of the continent, who get to see (maybe) one show every ten years. (Namely me.)
    I wouldn’t know about any of the great plays mentioned in the previous posts if it weren’t for the American Wing Theater Antionette Perry Awards (I hope I got that right).
    Thank you very much.

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