Impulse Buys

Have you ever bought a CD or record entirely because of the cool cover art?

I did it just the other day when I found a painting I had to know more about and
the only way to discover its identity was to buy the CD.

The art in question turned out to be Garden of Death ("Place for the souls before they come to heaven") by Hugo Simberg

It’s a fresco he painted in the Tampere Cathedral in Finland in 1906.

The recording was of Max Reger’s three great chorale fantasies from op. 52 (Alle menschen mussen sterben, Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme, and Hallelujah! Gott
zu loben, bleibe meine Seelenfreud!) The hymn poems of the text trilogy can be said to descibe Christians in death and after death.

The recording was made in Tampere Cathedral.    

Finally, here’s the painting, which is temporarily serving as my computer desktop.


8 thoughts on “Impulse Buys

  1. Bill, yes, I have. The album was Pimps, Players Private Eyes, a compilation of soundtracks from blaxploitation films. Amazon has it here.

  2. I guess I didn’t really buy the CD for its cover art so much as to find out what the art was. It seemed like the easiest way.

  3. I haven’t bought an album strictly for its cover for a long time, but when I was a teenager I did. I mean, does anyone buy their first Megadeth album for the tunes? No, it’s all about Vic Rattlehead and the great titles: Killing is my Business and Business is Good; Peace Sells, But Who’s Buying; So Far, So Good, So What; Rust in Peace. And although I didn’t buy the album (I was 9), the day I saw my brother bring home Van Halen’s 1984 LP, with the smoking, smirking baby James Dean angel on the cover, I knew it was something great.

    1984 cover here
    Megadeth covers here

  4. Well, I hate to admit it but the White Album was quite intriguing on its first print. :-D. I bought it for my younger sis for Christmas (she was 16.5 yrs) and place the fig leaf properly.

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