STAR WARS TRIVIA: or how I embarrassed myself publicly yet again.

Karen H.

I’ve discovered a hidden minefield with the hype surrounding the upcoming release of Episode III:  my extensive familiarity with the Star Wars movies has outed me as an uber-geek.  You’d think I’d be able to hide this…I am, after all, a professional and a lady.  But no, I just can’t keep my mouth shut.

Twice in the last week I’ve been playing perfectly respectable trivia games, twice star wars questions have surfaced, and twice the room has fallen to a hushed silence as I too quickly and accurately shout out the answers. 

I think you all need to share my shame.  Let’s start a Star Wars trivia thread.  Here are the rules.  I’ll pose a question.  If you can answer it, then you can pose a question for someone else to answer. 

Here’s my first one:  Ewan McGregor’s uncle played a character in two of the original Star Wars movies.  Name the character.

Good luck, and (I can’t help myself) may the force be with you…


72 thoughts on “STAR WARS TRIVIA: or how I embarrassed myself publicly yet again.

  1. OK, with NO help from Google (and should we keep with movie trivia not stuff from the comics etc.?):

    Chief Chirpa, Logray

    Who did C3PO tell Luke was their last master?

  2. Okay, I think I’m right, so I’ll just pose the next question and see what happens.

    What is the last name of the officer in the Imperial fleet that appears in both ESB and ROTJ and is promoted from Captain to Admiral during the course of the two movies?

  3. Damn. And I thought that Kultur was German for “culture.” I must be forgetting everything Herr Bartholomew and Herr Chambers taught me.

  4. Mark B., it does indeed mean culture, but recently that’s more fungal/bacterial than anything else. I’m working on a hoity-toity post soon.

  5. O.K. all you poseurs. Now it’s time to see a real Star Wars geek in action. Questions:

    What is the serial number of the Stormtrooper who is asked “Why aren’t you at your post?” by his superior on the Death Star right after Han, Luke and Chewie take over the cell block to free Princess Leia and just before they jump into the trash compactor? Anyone? Anyone?

    Now for some easy ones:

    What is the top speed of the Milennium Falcon?

    What is the name of the dancing girl who Jabba drops into the pit at his palace?

    What is the name of the character who Han Solo shoots at the Mos Eisley cantina? (This one is so easy, I’m embarrassed even to ask).

    Aaron B

  6. AB, isn’t it TK427?

    your other pathetic questions aren’t worth mentioning, except that Han SHOT GREEDO FIRST! Lucas made a stupid change in the special editions.

  7. The word “trivia” obviously does not plumb the depths of what is really going on here …

  8. Here’s a trivia question I don’t know the answer to: I’m positive that at some point in Star Wars, someone says “THX-1138,” which of course is the title of Lucas’s first film. What was it? Princess Leia’s cellblock? The serial number on the trash compactor? I know someone says it, but when?

  9. The screechy little guy in Jabba’s court, the one who pulls C3PO’s eye out, is Salacious Crumb. I only know that because I owned a scads of Star Wars figures growing up but I have to admit I am a Star Wars nerd to this day. Old Star Wars, not new.

  10. Russell:

    I knew it had to do with the cell block scene, but I had to google it:

    the full scoop. Apparently it is referenced in other films.

    Sidenote: Last Sunday I drove through the tunnel featured in the climatic final scene of “THX-1138.”

  11. I also see the cranes that were the inspiration for the AT-AT in Empire Strikes Back every Mon. – Fri. on my way home from work.

  12. Thanks for the Google, William.

    Going back to the original post–um, Karen? Wedge Antilles appeared in all three original Star Wars films. He was Red Two in the first, part of Rogue Group in the second, and promoted to Red Leader (about damn time!) in the third.

  13. Nope — the Caldecott Tunnel. If I recall correctly, the left two bores (left if you are going away from Oakland) were being completed right around the time Lucas was filming “THX-1138” and somehow he wrangled permission to use them in the chase scene. The pale green tile and square lighting of those two tunnels certainly exudes the sleek futuristic style of the film.

    According to this article, Lucas also shot on location at several BART stations and tunnels.

  14. Steve,

    Close, but no cigar. It was “TK421” not “TK427.”

    “TK421! TK421, why aren’t you at your post?”

    90% of everyone in the world knows this, Steve, which makes you really, really dumb. 🙂

    Of course, Greedo was really easy, so you don’t get any points for that.

    Incidently, for all those supremely interested, the name of Jabba’s dancing girl was “Oola,” and Han tells Luke in Episode IV that the Milennium Falcon can go “Point 5 beyond light speed.” I’m not sure what the 0.5 is supposed to be measuring, but maybe Clark Goble will come on over and explain the physics to us.

    Also, the Milennium Falcon made the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs, just so you know. I’m not sure what that means, but I know I’m very impressed.

    Aaron B

  15. Aaron,

    Han did not say “point 5 beyond light speed.”

    He said “point 5 _past_ light speed.” (emphasis added).

    I hope that clears it up.

  16. Iowa. But do you remember his horse’s name?

    Can we please stick to Star Wars trivia? Like why they had to use proton torpedoes on the first Death Star?

  17. Duh, to set off a chain reaction. Blasters would just skim the surface. :o)

    What color is Samuel L. Jackson’s lightsaber?

  18. Yeah, but Luke’s so confident about hitting the thermal exhaust port because he’s used to bullseyeing — WHAT back home?

    (And what is the species of the pig guards at Jabba’s palace?)

  19. Womp rats.

    What happened to Mark Hamill that changed the configuration in his face between IV and V?

  20. Car accident, wasn’t it?

    Something my daughter wants to know: if Yoda trained Obi Wan, and Obi Wan trained Annakin and Luke (who was also trained by Yoda), who trained Yoda?

  21. Slight misquote in my reply, it was “yes, duh” not “of course” — the meaning is the same, though.

  22. I think Yoda is like 800 years old, so whoever trained him could be long dead. (From ROTJ: “When 900 years old you reach, look as good, you will not.”)

    Oh, and I think that Mark Hamill yelled “Carrie” at the end of Star Wars, but I think it’s been looped over in later versions, because I can’t catch it.

    On the DVD release of ROTJ, who does Luke see at the very end of the movie…and how does this make you feel!!!

  23. Kaimi–it’s established that the Balrogs in their original form could change shape, that their “shadow” was like a sphere of evil magic that would reflect their will and power. So, let me amend my comment: Do Balrogs have wings? Well, the Balrog, the only one we see in LOTR, clearly had wings when he approached Gandalf; that was no metaphor, as a plain reading of the text makes clear. Later, after they’d fallen from the bridge and into the subterranean lake, the weakened Balrog took a different shape; he was “a thing of slime,” Gandalf said. Do we know if all Balrogs at all times had wings? No, but given that the Silmarillion speaks of them “winging” their way across the land, it’s seems reasonable to assume that it was a not infrequent form they took.

    Steve–everyone knows Kirk was born in Iowa. But can you name the city?

    As for Kirk’s horse, you stump me; I cannot recall any named horse of Kirk’s from either the TV show or the movies. He was identified as owning and riding horses, but I don’t remember any of them being named, and a Google search doesn’t turn up anything.

    Captain Pike’s horse, however, was named Tango.

  24. RAF: you’re right about Tango; but didn’t Kirk’s horse in Generations have a name?

    But where in Iowa in apparently open to debate. Several towns have laid claim to Kirk’s birthplace.

  25. I don’t think so Steve; I don’t remember one, and can’t find it online. Kirk did mention the name of his Great Dane in Generations, however: Butler.

    As for Iowa, Riverside seems to have won the claim to his future birthplace simply through repetition.

  26. Nathan,

    I can’t remember the name of the guards (how embarrassing), but I think it’s the “__________ Guards”, with the missing word containing 4 syllables. More than that I can’t remember.

    Incidently, although Yoda’s exact age is not given in the films, it IS given in Yoda’s collectible Star Wars trading card, which specifies a precise number of years.

    Aaron B

  27. Luke sees whoever that actor is who’s playing Anakin right now. And it PISSES ME OFF. I mean, really. When Obi Wan and Yoda die they stay in the form they had when they died. But, no, when Anakin dies he gets to revert back to an earlier form. How on earth is Luke supposed to know who he is. I liked it better the original way.

    What’s Anakin’s mother’s name?

  28. Shmi is the mother’s name, Anakin was a tacky and ill conceived immaculate conception, and Lucas is smoking something powerful. If the entire world doesn’t “get” your artistic vision, then maybe it isn’t so artistic.

    Who is the actor who plays Chewbacca, and will he be in episode III?

  29. Bryce, IMHO we can’t answer that until we see Ep III. It has potential to be great.

    But if you’re talking about the initial Star Wars phenom, the answer has to be when the Star Wars Holiday Special made its debut.

  30. Russell would say ROTJ.

    I think Episode I. (I can tolerate ROTJ, though it is kind of silly.)

    Did anyone really like JarJar Binks??

  31. My two sons, ages 6 and 4, like Jar Jar, especially when he stepped in various animal dung. Boy, Lucas sure nails that alien scatological humor. In his defense, Lucas has said his stories are often targeted to a younger demographic, so I guess he hit his mark there. I like Jar Jar only in how he is cleverly manipulated by Palpatine to propose giving him emergency powers as Chancellor in Episode II. The whole deep, dark subterfuge of Palpatine has been very fun too watch and should come to full fruition in Episode III.

    As for trivia; Karen, why the shame? You should rejoice in your love of Star Wars knowledge! I am proud to hold the honor of Star Wars ubergeek among my friends, although that means no one wants to play Star Wars trivial pursuit with me anymore. Entertainment Weekly had an ultimate Star Wars trivia quiz in a recent copy, and I aced all but the Jedi Master level (which had more questions about filming and production rather than actual movie trivia).

    Anyway, a question from the Jedi Knight level: What was the number of the garbage smasher that almost crushed the gang in Star Wars (Episode IV)?

    Jedi Master level: What movie was casting at the same time and at the same location as Star Wars (Episode IV)?

  32. Oh, and Steve (comment 12)
    The name of the imperial shuttle Han and Chewie flew in Episode VI was Tyderium (sp?).

  33. Bryce,

    It is either the Holiday Special or the moment that Ewoks appear and RotJ turns into Swiss Family Robinson. Of course now they jump the shark sooner than they used too since Greedo shoots first.

  34. Bryce and random John–

    Have you seen the Holiday Special? I picked up a DVD copy on ebay and it is a classic. Cmon, how could you not love it? Princess Leia singing christmas songs (hair buns and all!), wookie domestic life, the first appearance of Boba Fett, more crappy singing, a bizarre “Life Day” celebration and to top it all off Bea Arthur and Harvey Korman? That is sooooo right. It is like floating down the Kitsch River of pure cheese. So if you wanna talk about jumping the shark, you’re going to have to come up with more than the Holiday Special.

  35. Derek,

    I did come up with more than just that. I think that for me, Ewoks were the turning point. They seem like such a blatant attempt at selling toys. Also I find the whole concept of teddy bears beating on trained soldiers a little silly. Not that the rest of it isn’t silly, but that is silly even once you have suspended disbelief for the other aspects of the movies.

    Lucas has created a problem now though, since while I experienced Ewoks before I experienced Greedo shooting first, it is now the case that Greedo shoots first prior to Ewoks. So even if you watch the movies in 4,5,6,1,2,3 order, the shark is jumped early on. At least he didn’t replace the blasters with flashlights, though some of the actual blasting went away.

  36. The correct answer to my question is:

    At the precise moment when midichlorians are introduced into the series. Before that point, the thing that made Star Wars a zillion times better than Star Trek was that in the Star Wars universe, there were no explanations for anything, just cool sounding names, whereas in Star Trek, you get half-baked explanations of alternate-world physics that simply raise more questions than they answer.

    Midichlorians destroyed the mystic power of the Force, reducing it to a gross biological phenomenon. And they raise a host of continuity problems — why have we never heard of them before? Why does no one believe in the Force if it has a scientifically quantifiable source? Can I get a midichlorian topical cream from BALCO?

    I have not seen the Holiday Special. It sounds intriguing.

  37. I vote the Derek comes to the next Bloggernaccle party and brings that DVD with him. I would make a trip to NY for that!

  38. Bryce, Bryce, Bryce…

    The midichlorian thing was not nearly as annoying as Jar Jar Binks. And who is the cinematic predecessor of Jar Jar? Ewoks! A cute character meant for merchandising and not because it mad sense in the story. Once the story was being sacrificed for toymaking concerns the shark had been jumped.

    Oh, and yes, you can get a topical cream. You just have to grind up whatever that crystal thing in Splinter in the Mind’s Eye was and rub it all over yourself. Oh boy, I have realled outed myself now…

  39. OK, I admit Ewoks sniff the stinky. But originally Lucas was going to make Endor a planet of Wookies (like he has in Episode III) and THAT would have been cool. But alas, we get Willow (Warwick Davis) in a teddy bear costume. And midichlorians are kinda bizarre.

    IMHO, the shark was jumped in Episode II, when Lucas through out his freaky Anakin/Padme innuendo-filled fantasies as they discussed “first times”, and the whole scene with Padme in her Lucas-designed, suggestively S&M leather costume as Anakin discussed the torture and pain he felt around her. Ubercreepy.

    For Star Wars geeks, didya hear Lucas is going to rerelease all the movies in 3-D starting in 2007? Thank goodness I saved my 3-D glasses from Captain Eo and Jaws 3-D.

    And is anyone going answer my trivia questions?

  40. Derek, I think you stumped the panel. A group of friends did the trash compacter question from EW, and we were stumped. (If you posted the multiple choice answers though, I would remember it…) As for the other question, I did a quick google search and couldn’t find it. I think you need to spill, and ask an easier question.

    On the agenda later, Derek’s star wars ubergeek coronation…unless anyone else wants to step up to the plate and dethrone Derek…?

  41. LOL. Reading this thread had me laughing out loud. This is great stuff.

    Shmi is the name of Anakin’s mom? Interesting. “Shmi” is the Hebrew for “my name is …” I always suspected George Lucas was robbing semitic languages for words and names.

    Of course no one tops Frank Herbert (writer of Dune) for that sort of thing.

  42. Karen,

    Thanks for the fun thread. Everyone is invited to my house to watch the Star Wars Holiday Special, George Lucas in Love (the origins of Star Wars as “Shakespeare in Love” spoof) and Troops (a Star Wars “Cops” parody).

    And the answers to my questions are: The trash compactor number is 3263827 (and to think I remember that and I can’t keep my own kids names straight sometimes). What movie was casting at the same time/place as Episode IV? Carrie. And wouldn’t Sissy Spacek have been an edgier Princess Leia? Too bad.

    Here’s a softball question-What was Luke’s uncle and aunt’s last name?

  43. “Also, the Milennium Falcon made the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs, just so you know. I’m not sure what that means, but I know I’m very impressed.”

    A parsec is 3.261631 light years. I suppose we should infer that he meant 12 parsecs per some unit of time; or maybe a “Kessel Run” refers to a certain amoiunt of time, thought I was thinking it was a certain trade route.

    That quote always makes me think of the “Star Wars Auditions” SNL skit with whatsisname (Kevin Spacey?), it was pretty good.

    BTW, midichloreans suck, but what has always bothered me most was the decline of Princess Leia from headstrong leader of the Rebellion to bimbo/inept foot solder over the course of IV-VI. I guess love does that to people.

    Some gender weirdness about Episode I too. . . Oh wait, sorry for the offtopic, I’ll stop now.

  44. Complaining about innane scientific facts in Star Wars is akin to criticizing Shakespeare for not writing in plain English. If you really want to pile on, at least bemoan the fact that real-time space travel is scientifically impossible (just ask Einstein), and traveling from planet to planet would result in a lot of time and confusion among participants. Just enjoy the fantasy escape already.

    The Kessel Run is based on the Kessel spice mines (IIRC) that are situated around the Maw black hole cluster. In the SW Universe, you cannot operate at light speed for a Kessel run because of the supreme difficulty of navigating around 7 or 8 black holes. It on is this run during which Han Solo ditched the spice while fleeing Imperial forces that got him in hot water with Jabba the Hut, and likely also the reason he set a new Kessel Run record.

    Correcting one slight mistransliteration in the Bible … “and the GEEKS shall inherit the Earth.”

  45. What’s interesting about Star Wars is how the non-Lucas shows are always so much better. Look at the cartoons done by the Samurai Jack team. (The first season is on DVD) Easily better than anything in the new trilogy. (Well assuming Lucas doesn’t somehow salvage episode III – but I’m not counting on it) There’s supposed to be a new TV show that takes place between III and IV based on minor characters. Here’s hoping that Lucas lets some other people do it, the way he gave the Samurai Jack folks a fairly free reign. However, truth be told, I’m expecting them to turn out more like the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. (Although to be fair, there were aspects of those that were interesting – even if they completely removed the edge of Indiana Jones and tried to be too cute about fitting into historical events)

  46. Derek,

    I am not sure why exactly I remember this but since I saw the movie in ’77 when I was 6, I remembered the number of the trash compactor.


    (Everytime I think of it, I hear Han (some say it’s Luke) say it in my head.)


  47. Umm.. maybe I havn’t seen them recently enough, but didn’t the Millenium Falcon make the Kessel run in LESS than 12 parsecs? You all keep saying in 12, I think its LESS than 12. 🙂

  48. The parsec IS a unit of distance, and Han didn’t mean over a period of time. In one of the books they explain that to finish the Kessel run you have to skim really close to a black hole. The closer you get the more impressive and the shorter the distance of the run, but the more likely you’ll be sucked into the black hole. So in fact, he made the run over the shortest distance, not the quickest time.

  49. I just want to make one thing clear. I do DSL tech support, and I lined up for 6 weeks for Star Wars on the streets of Hollywood Blvd., and I think you all are geeks.

    Also, it was just a goof. The Parsec thing is a mistake. Just accept it, you’ll be happier.

    Last point: the answer to the softball question no one answered. Their names were Owen and Beru Lars.

    (really my last point… wasn’t Kirk’s horse’s name Antonia? named for the woman he envisioned himself with in the Nexus in Star Trek: Generations?)

  50. Okay, all you SW geeks, I have two question after seeing EpIII. (They may have been answered, but I wasn’t paying that much attention to the movie–will watch it again tonight.)

    1) General Grievus: Droid or Biological? Looks like a robot except for the eyes and the coughing. What’s up with that?

    2) What’s the internal logic for shifting from a droid army to a clone army? It seems to me (from my Western, rationalistic, progressive point of view) that a clone army would have more problems than a droid. The only thing I can think of is a shift in available resources.

  51. Pris, he’s both. See here. Mace Windu put some major Force mojo on him that caused the cough in the Clone Wars animated series.

    Clones are better fighters than droids.

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