Ship of Fools

In the spirit of April 1, I’d like to hear some pranks you’ve pulled on friends, relatives and close relations.  Perhaps some suggestions too for pranks I can pull this year.

The best prank I can remember was in the dorms my Freshman year of college.  Some poor fool tied all of the dorm room knobs together so that nobody could get out.  They put all of the hall’s furniture in the hallway so that when we managed to wriggle free, we had to climb over all the furniture to get out.  To make matters worse, they managed to take the doors off of the shower stalls, turn the water on cold and jimmy off the shower knob so that all we had was cold running water …  Then there’s the standard dry jello in someone’s towel trick, or the saran wrap on the toilet that everyone plays!  Happy April fools day!


3 thoughts on “Ship of Fools

  1. Well, I put up un poisson d’avril on the main KB page in honor of the day.

    Our (Dallin and my) paternal grandfather and maternal grandmother share a birthday, April 1st. Every year they try to prank each other. One would imagine that it would be pretty hard to do, given that they have extra cause to remember that it’s April 1st, but I get the feeling that my grandma plays along with my grandpa, who enjoys joking around.

    For those of you M*/T&S readers, my little joke seems to be playing pretty well today.

  2. On my mission I was on splits with a good friend. I picked up my phone and acted like I was calling my companion and started freaking out. The guy I was with was wondering what was going on, so when I got off I told him his regular companion had been hit by a car and was in the hospital. He felt really bad and then asked me why my companion was home and not with his companion and I said he had work to do. He got really mad. On the way back to the area I told him, but it was fun to see him sweat. After it was all over, he thought it was all really funny. That’s the only time I was able to do anything substantial.

  3. My last year of college my roommates went and turned everything in our friends’ apartment upside down – the pictures on the wall, the furniture, even the food in the freezer. When they came over after discovering it we told them we were sorry and offered them a plate of brownies as an apology. Of course, we’d put methylene blue in the brownies and got to laugh our butts off when they called us the next morning, freaking out because their pee had turned green.

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