NCAA Kultur Tourney

Okay, so I’ve set up an NCAA tournament pool for you all interested KBers, and it may be just a few.  I’ve also invited some co-workers.

It will ask you for a location and nickname – so just make something up.  The name of the group is Kultur Tourney and the password is "redmen"  Enjoy!  And Steve, deal with it just a little longer.


10 thoughts on “NCAA Kultur Tourney

  1. I have decided that the winner shall receive some sort of gift certificate – amazon, or something. If the winner is Bryce I. then your gift is my undying love as a little brother. Is that not the greatest gift of all?

  2. Exactly. If you don’t know enough about college b-ball to win something like this, you can’t be a part of my world.

  3. Andy Katz picked Syracuse to go to the Final Four. I love it.
    Vitale is still safe because he took no chances.

    There’s a very cool poll on espn’s tourney page that asks which minor conference gets the best reputation bump for its upset. The interesting part is not so much the question itself, but the fact that the poll reveals results for voters in each state of the U.S. Without fail, the voters in the state represented best by a given conference voted for that conference.

    I think it reveals a lot about voter bias in polls, especially sports polls. I hope this new way of revealing poll results is a thing of the future.

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