Oscar Reactions?

Karen H.

I thought we should have a post dedicated to discussing the Oscars.  What are your thoughts?

Highlights for me?  Cate Blanchette winning.  I thought her Katharine Hepburn was vivacious and wonderful.  Million Dollar Baby was a favorite too–and I’m glad to see all those involved rewarded for producing such a fine movie.  However, my favorite moment was when Born into Brothels won in the documentary category.  That was one of the most affecting films I’ve ever seen–beautiful and tragic and hopeful all at once.  I thought Chris Rock was okay, but not spectacular.  No one looked too crazy, except Laura Linney looked like a trucker did her hair. 

Okay…your turn….


20 thoughts on “Oscar Reactions?

  1. The fix was in, as usual.

    I was generally unsurprised by most of the winners. My disappointment was earlier, at the nominations. I think Scorcese really got the shaft. Here’s who I thought deserved their awards:

    — Brad Bird, The Incredibles (great movie)
    — Hilary Swank, Million Dollar Baby
    — Kaufman, Eternal Sunshine (robbed! by not getting a best picture/director nod)

  2. You didn’t think Jamie Foxx deserved his? I haven’t seen any of the movies so can’t really comment on that.

    I was hoping for more Chris Rock and less movie stars, but oh well.

  3. Best speech: Jamie Fox.
    Worst speech: Hilary Swank.
    Best presenter: tie between Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek.
    Worst presenter: tie between Robin Williams and P. Diddy.
    Too much: Beyonce.
    Not enough: Chris Rock at the Magic Johnson theater.

  4. I thought I caught most of it but I guess not. What’d Robin Williams do? Jamie Foxx really has a nice way of putting things. I’ve noticed it in interviews as well as his acceptance speeches. I was surprised Hilary won, I thought since she’d always won before she wouldn’t get it this time.

  5. I got to comment on a commercial that played during the Oscars. Am I wrong or does it look like they DESTROYED one of my favorite books of all time, THEIR EYES WERE WATCHING GOD? Every time I see a commercial for that I feel like they turned it into a tawdry bodice-ripper romance novel of a movie, instead of the subtle story of a woman finding herself after a series of turbulent relationships. Everytime I see a bus in L.A. it has a picture of Halle Berry on it in a THEIR EYES poster, looking like a bigger sexpot than she did in the CATWOMAN ads. I’m just very afraid they ruined an amazing book.

  6. I didn’t watch the Oscars since I honestly don’t find them terribly entertaining – more a muddle of mediocracy unsuited to what they are supposed to be praising.

    Having said that though, I don’t think Scorcese got the shaft. I think he did get shafted many times over in the 70’s and 80’s. But let’s be honest, all his recent films have been shadows of his earlier work. Not that the Oscars have much really to do with “best.” They are as much about sentimentality.

  7. I thought the Oscars were all about Hollywood taking themselves too seriously.

    I only watched for Chris Rock. I think I was the one who got shafted.

  8. i love scorsese to death…but i have to agree with the comments above. his recent films pale in comparison to raging bull, taxi driver, mean streets, or goodfellas. the aviator certainly isn’t his finest and is hardly a reason to give him an award. a lifetime achievment award would be more fitting.

    i’d say the year he lost to kevin costner was the year he got shafted.

  9. Chris Rock was disappointing. Billy Crystal’s schtick may be old and repetitive, but at least it’s his — he’s not putting on a face for anyone. Chris Rock was just a bit out of place. He wasn’t disappointing, but he wasn’t in control of the show either. He’s just a guy cracking jokes. Best line of the night: that bit about Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek and their four presenters.

    Awarding “minor” Oscars on the floor was a bad idea.

    The direction was atrocious. We kept getting these strange shots — I kept waiting for the sound to switch over: “I said Camera Three. THREE!!!”

    Worst presenter: Sean Penn, hands down. Can’t he take a joke? It wasn’t even about him. I agree that Robin Williams and P. Diddy were bad too, but Julia Roberts gets second place for acting like a kindergartener saying hi to one of her friends before presenting one of the big awards of the night.

    As for the awards themselves, I haven’t seen many of the movies, so I can’t comment. I’ll make the observation that the Oscars do the best job of the major entertainment awards of consistently awarding good work. They may not get it exactly right, but they rarely embarass themselves (Titanic and Helen Hunt notwithstanding). The Grammys consistently go to acts you won’t remember ten years from now, and the Emmys are like a Supreme Court appointment — win it once and you’ve got it for life, or until you resign, or your show gets cancelled, or HBO decides to horn in on your genre. And sadly, the Tonys have faded into obscurity (sorry, D.)

  10. I see I’ve flatly contradicted myself in my first paragraph there. I meant to say Rock wasn’t terrible, but he wasn’t nearly as good as he could have been.

  11. Okay, I’m shallow. Didn’t like Hillary Swank’s dress (it was different, at least, but looked like it was made out of a lycra knit–ick!); thought Laura Linney looked awful (and she can really clean up quite lovely); Scarlet Johansson’s frizzy hair was awful, but nice dress; loved seeing Julia Roberts looking like she’d just given birth to twins.

    Liked Halle’s hair; definitively settled that Salma Hayek is more beautiful than Penelope Cruz; Kate Winslett gets lovelier as she ages; loved Cate Blanchett’s hair.

  12. Kate Winslet gets lovelier each year because she has work done every year. The nose is completely different from Titanic. Just noting a truism…

  13. While we’re at it…

    Gwyneth Paltrow looked a million times better than she did in 2002.

    What was with the dark hair? I like brunettes, don’t get me wrong, but at least make it look like it’s in the realm of possible genetic phenotypes (Renee Zellweger and Drew Barrymore).

    Can we get Jack Black to host next year?

  14. Rosalynde: No men? I thought it was interesting that Mike Meyers was sporting the dyed, flowy Tom Cruise look.

    We’ll just have to agree to disagree about Penelope vs. Salma. Abre Los Ojos was the clincher for me.

    D.: You’ve identified one of the funner aspects of the Oscars — figuring out which kinds of surgeries the actresses have had.

  15. Bryce: we should start a petition to get Jack Black to host. I would watch that.

    I think I’ll actually have to go rent “Eternal of Mind Spotless the Sunshine.” I haven’t seen it yet because I disliked “Being John Malkovich” and “Adaptation”. So tell me, if I hated those two movies, will I also hate “Eternal Sunshine”?

    The only award that I thought should of been a lock was Morgan Freenman in M$B, so it’s good that he won. And although Swank did good in the movie, she’s not that great of an actress. “Karate Kid III”, anybody?

  16. Susan, I had exactly the opposite reaction. It seemed very forced and dramatic, and precisely the kind of thing you were supposed to say. I keep cringing every time I see it replayed. I thought she was great in the movie, and deserved the Oscar, but her speech really bugged.

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